Professional basketball team Daegu KOGAS has resigned general manager Shin Seung-woo, general manager Lee Min-hyung, head coach Yoo Yoo-hoon, and head coach Kim Seung-hwan, and appointed coach Kang Hyuk as acting head coach.

KOGAS said, “On May 31, we held a steering committee meeting to discuss the efficient operation of the professional basketball team and decided to terminate the contracts of existing general manager Shin Hyung-woo, head coach Lee Min-hyung, head coach Yoo Ji-hoon, and head coach Kim Seung-hwan.”

Shin Shin-woo, Lee Min-hyung, and Yoo Yoo-hoon are alumni of Yongsan High School. They are senior and new hires from the former president of Gas Corporation Chae Hee-bong, who also graduated from Yongsan High School, when he acquired E-Land.

Kang Hyuk, the new head coach, played at Samil Sango and Kyung Hee University before making his professional debut at Samsung in 1999.

In May 2011, he was traded to Incheon Electronic Land, the predecessor of Korea Gas Corporation, and retired in 2013.

Kang, who was named the 2001 Most Valuable Player, 2005 Most Valuable Player, and 2006 Playoff Most Valuable Player (MVP) during his playing career, has coached Samil Sango and Changwon LG since his retirement and has been the head coach of the E-Land since 2020.

KOGAS also named Kim Byung-sik, head of the public relations department, as the new head coach and decided to hire one more coach.

Last month, KOGAS decided at an emergency resolution meeting at its Daegu headquarters to return all of this year’s wage increases for employees in the second level and above and to reduce the operating costs of the professional basketball team by 20 percent year-on-year.

This was in response to the government and ruling party’s demand for the company to come up with self-rescue measures as the realization of gas prices is inevitable.스포츠토토

KOGAS said, “We expect efficient decision-making and rational management of the professional basketball team through smooth communication with the team by appointing an internal executive as the head of the team, like the organizational system of other teams.”

“We will do our best to prepare for the 2023-2024 season to the extent we can to meet the expectations of our fans despite the difficult business situation,” Choi Yeon-hye said.

KOGAS, which took over the Incheon Electronic Land professional basketball team after the end of the 2020-2021 season, finished ninth out of 10 teams in the 2022-2023 regular season with 18 wins and 36 losses.

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