Former short-track speed skating national short tracker Lin Xiaojun (Korean name Lim Hyo-jun), a naturalized Chinese national, won two consecutive gold medals in the men’s 500m World Cup.

Xiaojun Lin took first place in the men’s 500m final at the 2022/23 International Skating Union (ISU) Short Track World Cup 6 held in Dordrecht, Netherlands on the 12th with a time of 41.693 seconds.

Korea’s Lim Yong-jin made a fierce chase at the last minute and came second with a time of 40 seconds and 851 seconds. Poland’s Ukasz Kuczynski finished third with a time of 40.914. 카지노사이트

Among the five finalists, Lin Xiaojun, who was placed in the second lane from the inside according to the semifinal results, ran in second place after Kuczynski.

Lin Xiaojun, who was looking for a chance to take advantage of the 111.12m track, took advantage of the Kuczynski speed drop with two laps left in the 500m race, which took four and a half laps, and crossed the finish line as it was.

In 2019, Lin Xiaojun, who was caught up in a controversy over inappropriate behavior with a fellow national team player and was suspended from the Korea Skating Federation, later moved to China to train and acquired Chinese nationality in 2021.

Lin Xiaojun, who was unable to participate in last year’s Beijing Olympics due to International Olympic Committee (IOC) regulations, passed the Chinese national team selection this season and then won the men’s 500m and men’s 5000m relay finals at the 5th World Cup held in Dresden, Germany on the 5th. He won the first gold medal as a representative of China.

He then won the 500m in the 6th event held a week later, indicating that his condition was rapidly recovering.

Lin Xiaojun, along with other Chinese teammates, also reached the final in the men’s 5000m relay.

Lim Yong-jin, who competed with Lin Xiaojun, fell behind and faced a difficult situation, but did not give up until the end and won the valuable silver medal.

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