Kevin the Brawiner’s annual salary is over 30 billion.

Global soccer media’Skores’ released the TOP 10 players with the highest salary in the English Premier League (EPL) as of the 2022-23 season on the 9th (Korean time).

First place was Kevin The Bruyne (Manchester City), who is receiving an annual salary of 20.8 million pounds (approximately 31.8 billion won). It’s a huge amount, but few people would disagree with The Bruiner receiving this level of salary. De Bruyne is recognized as the best player in the EPL and is Manchester City’s ace.

One of the joint second places was Elling Holland (Man City), who boasts a fantastic breath with The Bruiner. The other is David de Gea (Manchester United). The two players received 19.5 million pounds (approximately 29.8 billion won). Haaland is proving himself this season why he deserves this salary. De Gea is considering lowering his salary in order to renew his contract with his team. 카지노사이트

There were also 2 people in 4th place. Mohamed Salah (Liverpool) and Jadon Sancho (Man United) were receiving 18.2 million pounds (approximately 27.8 billion won). However, the two players are currently unable to properly pay their salaries. With Liverpool’s sluggishness, Salah is not able to show the same scoring ability as in the past. Sancho was recruited with expectations from Manchester United fans, but he has not shown much in the past 1 year and 6 months.

In sixth place was another Manchester United player. The center of defense is Rafael Varane. Varane signed a contract with Manchester United for £ 17.68 million (approximately 27 billion won). Varane is doing his part by leading the team’s defense alongside Lisandro Martinez.

7th place was Raheem Sterling (Chelsea), worth 16.9 million pounds (approximately 25.8 billion won). Sterling has also been criticized by fans for his sluggish performance after moving to Chelsea. It was similar from 8th to 10th. About 15.6 million pounds (about 23.8 billion won), Jack Grealish (Man City), Casemiro (Man United), and Enzo Fernandez (Chelsea) were in order.

Four out of 10 players were with United. It was followed by Manchester City with three, Chelsea with two and Liverpool with one.

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