The behavior of Ronald Acuña Jr. (26, Atlanta Braves) is receiving a lot of criticism. They are even buying a lot of resentment for their attitude of being red-handed.

Acuña Junior participated in the off-season Venezuela Winter League. He joined the team while the team was playing the final series, and hit a cool home run. However, a problem arose in this process. After hitting a home run, Acuña Jr. held a ceremony by circling the bases and provoking the opponent. In particular, the scene where he celebrated his home run by dancing right before stepping on home plate caused a lot of anger from fans.

After the game, public opinion that Acuña Jr. did not respect his opponent increased, and eventually, as the controversy grew, Acuña Jr. announced his retirement from the Winter League directly on his personal SNS.

Contrary to expectations, the controversy did not evolve easily. Rather, things got bigger as Venezuelan baseball legend Alex Gonzalez (46) continued to criticize him without hesitation. During a live broadcast on social media, Gonzalez could not easily let go of his anger at Acuña Jr., saying, “It’s an action that even children can throw stones at.”

Then Acuna Jr. also fired back. It was a battle of words with Gonzalez on personal social media. Acuña Jr. said to Gonzalez, “Life after retirement is tough. You’re not the best shortstop in Venezuela. Your stats aren’t impressive. I just want to be famous by mentioning my name. I’ll be making history while you sit on the couch and criticize me.” thing,” he said. 토토사이트

Even Venezuelan fans joined in the battle between Acuña Jr. and Gonzalez. Most of them criticized Acuña. Even for a star player representing the country, this behavior was clearly wrong.

Fans say, “Gonzalez led the World Series championship (2003) himself, but Acuna Jr. was bedridden in the hospital (out of the season when Atlanta won the World Series in 2021). Is it possible to compare careers?” This is not enough” and defended Gonzalez.

Acuna Jr. became unlikable to Venezuelan baseball fans in an instant. In addition, he lost the opportunity to overturn public opinion as he could not participate in the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) due to the dissuade of the Atlanta club. In many ways, it is becoming a disturbing off-season for him.

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