How many times has it already been?

Director Steve Kerr is in danger of losing his ‘right hand’ again. Yahoo Sports reported on the 11th (Korean time) that Golden State head coach Kenny Atkinson will hold an interview with the Milwaukee Bucks for the managerial position.

The head coach is a position that most directly assists the manager, and is often referred to as the manager’s right-hand man.

Kerr doesn’t have long-term experience with an assistant coach. When other clubs select managers, the title of ‘former head coach Steve Kerr’ is very attractive. It is the most attractive option for teams that want to transplant the Golden State team culture.

Kerr has already replaced the head coach three times. Head coach Luke Walton, head coach Alvin Gentry, and head coach Mike Brown all had to leave to manage the Sacramento Kings.

If Coach Atkinson becomes the manager and leaves the team, Kerr will suffer a huge power gap in the coaching staff. He was the one who rose to head coach after coach Brown (Sacramento), and had a hot leadership. He is known to have a good relationship with the key players on the team.카지노사이트

Will Atkinson’s head coach leave the team? Kerr is also in danger of losing his right arm. He also has to hire a new head coach. If the team is doing well, you can say that it is a worry about the appearance of an unknown person.

Meanwhile, other than coach Atkinson, it is known that Milwaukee head coach Charles Lee and former Charlotte coach James Borrego have been nominated for managerial nominations.

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