The New York Yankees don’t know what the word ‘rebuild’ means. To be precise, you don’t need to know. This is because you need to recruit expensive players to win.

The Yankees have always done that and reigned as the best team in the major leagues.

But those days are over. This is because in the era of data baseball, money alone does not work.

A good example is the Tampa Bay Rays. Tampa Bay is a small market and is a representative club that produces good results by raising and trading cheap players. 토토사이트

The Yankees have spent $560 million on player payrolls over the past three years.

But in three years, the Yankees won 224 games. This means that they spent 2.5 million dollars (approximately 3 billion won) to win one game.

On the other hand, Tampa Bay has spent $193 million over the past three years. During this period, he won 226 wins, more than the Yankees. It is like spending 860,000 dollars (about 1 billion won) for one win.

But will the Yankees wince and switch to a ‘Moneyball’ strategy like Tampa Bay?

The Yankees invested $360 million over nine years to retain Aaron Judge. The word ‘moneyball’ is not even in their dictionary.

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