FC Anyang will face two consecutive matches leading to Busan I-Park and Gimcheon Sangmu.

Anyang defeated Cheonan City FC 4-0 in the 11th round of the ‘Hanawon Q K League 2 2023’ held at Cheonan Sports Complex on the 2nd and succeeded in winning two consecutive games. Anyang, who reached 20 points, won 6 wins (2 draws and 2 losses).

Anyang went undefeated in 6 matches (4 wins, 2 draws) before losing consecutively to Gyeongnam FC and Gimpo FC. Both games lost points due to late goals in the second half. And two consecutive matches against Chungbuk Cheongju and Cheonan City. Anyang scored 5 goals and did not concede a single goal and won 6 points.

In particular, in the match against Cheonan City, Anyang won a sweeping victory even after operating the rotation. Anyang placed Kim Jung-hyun, Andrigo, Lee Chang-yong, and Koo Dae-young on the bench in the starting lineup. This is to give the main players a break during the schedule of weekday and weekend games. Nevertheless, Anyang scored two goals in the first and second half. It is also a positive factor that Kim Hyung-jin, Cho Seong-jun, Yago, and Andrigo scored one goal each.

Above all, foreign striker Yago, who was recruited late, quickly melted into the team. The combination of Yago and Andrigo has emerged as a new attacking option for Anyang. It seems that Yago’s settlement will give variety to the Andrigo-centered attack.먹튀검증

This season, Anyang is ordering the central defender to actively participate in the defense. Depending on the situation, the stoppers on both sides of the three-back go up to the top of the half line. Nonetheless, Anyang’s offense and defense balance is quite good with 20 goals and 10 goals conceded in 10 games. As such, Kim Jeong-hyun and Hwang Ki-wook, who are placed in the midfield, are also noticeable for their dedicated defense and game coordination.

Anyang coach Lee Woo-hyung set a goal of 7-8 wins in the first round. If you win at least 1 win in 2 games, you will achieve this coach’s goal. It is meaningful that the goal was achieved despite the negative news of the departure of foreign striker Jonathan. Anyang will face Busan (home) on the 7th and Gimcheon (away) on the 13th. These are the last two matches of the first round robin. It is an important match for the 7-8 wins that coach Lee has set as a goal. Busan’s performance has slowed recently, but it is showing a performance that is safe even if it rises to the top. Kimcheon is also a team with a super-luxurious lineup. If Anyang overcomes the two teams and continues their winning streak, they can continue to fight for the lead.

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