Manchester United manager Eric Turnhagh made a rare mistake.

Manchester United will play the 2022/23 FA Cup semi-final against Brighton at Wembley Stadium in London, England at 0:30 am on the 24th (Korean time). Manchester United, who reached the top of the League Cup last February, will challenge for a second crown by winning the FA Cup.

The atmosphere is not that good. In the previous game, Sevilla was thrashed 0-3 and eliminated in the quarterfinals of the UEFA (European Football Federation) Europa League. Manchester United’s dream of winning three crowns, including the League Cup, FA Cup and Europa League, came to nothing.

The content of the game was also not very good. Sevilla is a La Liga traditional powerhouse, but it is sluggish enough to stay in 13th place in the league this season. However, Manchester United conceded three goals as David De Gea and Harry Maguire made mistakes in a row.먹튀검증

After the game, many foreign presses called it a ‘horror show’, and it was evaluated that it was a terrible performance in the local area.

It seems that Turnhagh was also greatly shocked.

According to the British The Sun, it was reported that Turnhagh made a rare mistake at a pre-press conference held ahead of the match against Brighton.

Turnhach took a sip of water and reached for the microphone to answer reporters’ questions. However, the microphone separated from the stand and fell to the floor.

According to the media, Turnhagh led his staggering body, picked up the microphone, and reassembled it on the stand, and some reporters at the press conference were known to burst into laughter.

The media reported, “At the beginning of the press conference, Turn Hagh lost his composure, unlike his usual cool appearance, and tried to hide his shock. It was a rare moment that was not seen in his usual ice-cold appearance.”

Fans also reacted mockingly. According to the media, fans responded with “the same look as the team shown against Sevilla,” “as good as De Gea,” and “a visual representation of the current state of United.”

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