Hana 1 Q reaped a valuable victory. 

Bucheon HanawonQ won 82-69 in the match against Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 women’s professional basketball regular league Cheongju KB Stars held at Bucheon Gymnasium on the 15th.

Hana 1 Q achieved 4 wins of the season. The regular league match against KB also matched 3 wins and 3 losses. Hana 1Q, who finished the first half behind by 3 points, showed their concentration from the middle of the 3rd quarter and achieved a come-from-behind victory. Hana 1 Q, which displayed hot offensive power, dominated KB by driving 82 points. 메이저사이트

Manager Kim Do-wan said, “Desperation worked. I emphasized the points that were not resolved in the beginning or the box-out, but the players did a good job. Today, Heo Ye-eun caught a lot of passes so that he could not spray them, but it worked well. Shin Ji-hyun and Kim A-na did well in the front line.” praised

He added, “Above all, scoring a lot in the second half is encouraging and meaningful. If we have more time to adjust the tempo, the team will be better. KB players worked hard, but our earnestness seems to have worked better.”

Ace Shin Ji-hyeon (26 points) scored a lot, but the reliance on Shin Ji-hyun was not so high.

Manager Kim said, “While Shin Ji-hyun had a mind to solve the problem, there was also a feeling that the players were procrastinating. I talked about that during the operation time. He told me not to do that. He showed us playing basketball as we ran away and pointed it out at the end of the first half. I asked him to fight hard, but (Kim) Ye-jin or Ye-rim did it aggressively, which seemed to ease Ji-hyeon’s burden.”

Ana Kim (10 points, 12 assists, 6 rebounds) performed well in various fields.

Manager Kim said, “Anna did a very good job in this aspect, even if it was a dirty job. It relieved Ji-hyun’s burden a lot. I hope that the players will now throw boldly with the confidence that they can do it. There were times when we just passed and only looked for Jihyun. But today, there was a part where we boldly did one-on-one, and Hannah did it. I hope the players will see today’s score and gain confidence and lift themselves up even more.” .

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