Reporter Seongdae Moon = The Korea Archery Association announced on the 6th that it had appointed Rio Wilde (USA, 49 years old), the world’s best leader in the compound event, as a foreign coach to strengthen the performance of the national archery compound team.

Coach Wild won a number of gold medals on the international stage, including the World Championships (3 times), World Cup Finals (1 time), and World Cup (29 times). has been verified 카지노사이트

For one year, he will be in charge of overall guidance such as technology, equipment, and psychology, with the goal of strengthening the national compound team’s performance ahead of important international competitions such as the World Championships and Hangzhou Asian Games.

Korean Archery Association Vice President Chang Young-sul said, “I hope that the appointment of Wild, a world-class player and leader, will serve as an opportunity for Korean archery to develop one step further.”

Coach Wild said, “It is an honor to join the national team of the world’s strongest archery country, and I will do my best to bring out the potential of the compound team players to the fullest and achieve the best results.”

Coach Wild will lead the team from the compound national team’s field training, which will be held in Salt Lake City, USA from the 6th.

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