As experience accumulates, it becomes stronger. This is the story of Lim Seong-jin (24), an outside hitter for men’s professional volleyball. 

Lim Seong-jin was the main striker for KEPCO this season. He set career highs in almost all indicators, including the number of matches (31), the number of sets (127), the number of points scored (268) and the number of serves (28). His own record of most points in a game (23 points) was also rewritten in the match against KB Insurance on the 9th. If he was a ‘rising star’ until last season, he is showing his potential to be reborn as a V-League representative player this season.   

As his opportunities to compete increased, he had more things to look back on himself. It is because his mentality has become stronger as much as his experience has accumulated.  

KEPCO gave 11 sub-aces to the opposing foreign player in the OK Financial Group match on the 16th. Lim Seong-jin also attributed this to himself. But he tried to shake off his guilt. He showed a more stable appearance by recording a receive efficiency of 69.57% at the Samsung Firefighting on the 26th. 

After the game, Lim Seong-jin said, “I focused on not allowing the serve ace for now rather than the obsession to give (Ha) Seung-woo hyung (setter) accurately. There were many unsatisfactory plays in the match against Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, which left a good record, but I am trying to get rid of the ‘minus’ feeling quickly.  토토사이트

He also improved his resilience. Im Seong-jin said, “In the past, when the game didn’t go well, I blamed myself a lot. I was afraid of making mistakes, and I felt intimidated. But Park Cheol-woo and Shin Young-seok helped me manage my mentality. 

Receive is no longer afraid. After receiving the ball, he immediately joins the attack and is actively moving so that the team (KEPCO) can have various attack routes. Lim Seong-jin said, “Anyway, the opponent’s serve has no choice but to be driven to me. (Seo) Jae-deok hyung and Tais hit (attack) a lot, but I have to join in. The more often I try to attack, the better my sense of the game is.” raised 

As of the 27th, KEPCO recorded 47 points and is in third place in the league. OK Financial Group and Woori Card are in fierce competition for third place. 

Lim Seong-jin made his debut (KB Insurance) in ‘Spring Volleyball (Postseason)’ last season. However, he only played one game. He wants to return to the festival as a team player this year. He can become more solid based on the experience he has accumulated in important matches. Lim Seong-jin expressed his determination, “If the opportunity comes, I will run without regret.”

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