While Tottenham of the English Premier League (EPL) is about to part ways with manager Antonio Conte (54), Zlatan Ibrahimovic (42, AC Milan) has come out to defend Conte.

British media Daily Mail said on the 25th (Korean time), “Zlatan is taking his side against Conte, who is likely to be fired after the game against Southampton.”

According to the media, Zlatan said, “Everyone works in their own way. Some people act, some people become themselves.” He said, “I like to express what I think the way I want.” It was to cover Conte, who revealed his conviction.

Tottenham drew 3-3 in an away game with Southampton in the 28th round of the EPL held on the 19th. In the match against the bottom (20th) team in the league, they led 3-1, but were criticized for only gaining one point by conceding two goals in a row at the end of the second half.

However, the problem rather arose after the match. At the official press conference, Conte said, “This team (Tottenham) hasn’t won anything (a championship trophy) in 20 years. Is the fault only the club or the managers who went through this team?” He criticized me outright.카지노사이트

He continued, “Although 11 players played, there were selfish players. I saw them not trying to help each other. There was a heart that did not want to help each other. The biggest problem was that we showed that we were not a ‘team’.” I’m angry. In order to change this situation, the club also needs to make a change, “he continued with a ‘resolute statement’.

This was to announce the rumors of a feud between the club and manager Conte. In the end, British local media reported on the 21st that Conte is about to part ways with Tottenham. Hard in nature.

As of the 25th, Tottenham, who ranked 4th with 49 points (15 wins, 4 draws, 9 losses), widened the gap with Arsenal (69 points) in first place, and was also eliminated in the round of 16 in the UEFA Champions League. On top of this, criticism of manager Conte continued, overlapping with ‘internal gunfire’.

But Zlatan was different. Although he did not produce results, he said that he should be highly evaluated for expressing his thoughts honestly. In particular, it is a special part that he said this from the position that he was a veteran of veterans but had never had a meal with coach Conte.

Meanwhile, according to the media, Tottenham has recently put up Julian Nagelsmann (36), who was recently sacked from Bayern Munich (Germany), as a candidate for Conte’s successor. The media said, “Tottenham have previously learned that Nagelsmann is interested in the team.”

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