The United States, which boasts the highest ransom, took the lead in the group and virtually confirmed its advance to the quarterfinals.

On the 14th (hereinafter Korean time), the United States beat Canada 12-1, 7th inning, in the group stage of the World Baseball Classic (WBC) held at Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona, in the first round.

The United States, which won its first game against England on the 12th, 6-2, lost face to Mexico on the 13th, losing 5-11, but showed its true colors on the 13th and easily outplayed Canada, which was considered an ‘ambush’.오락실 토토

The U.S., which has risen to the top of Group C with 2 wins and 1 loss, can advance to the quarterfinals on its own with a record of 3 wins and 1 loss if it beats Colombia on the 16th. However, because of the loss to Mexico, if the two teams are tied, they will miss out on first place in the group.

American starter Lance Lynn struck out 6 in 5 innings and allowed 1 run on 2 hits to become the winning pitcher. Then, Miles Micholas closed 2 innings with 3 hits and no runs to finish the victory.

Mike Trout, who boasts the highest ransom in the major leagues at $426.5 million, led the attack with 1 hit in 2 at-bats, 2 walks, 3 RBIs and 2 runs, including the first homer of the tournament, and Nolan Arenado (1 hit in 3 at-bats, 2 RBIs) , JT Real Muto (2 hits in 2 at-bats, 2 RBIs), and Trey Turner (1 hit in 4 at-bats, 2 RBIs), etc.

On the other hand, Canada suffered an unexpected defeat with 5 hits, including Freddy Freeman, the main gun, who was silent with no hits in 3 at-bats. Canada only scored one run in the top of the second inning when Jarrett Young hit a solo home run.

In the bottom of the first inning, 12 batters went out and scored 9 runs, splitting the game early. Mookie Betts’ right-hander hit, Trout and Paul Goldschmidt’s consecutive walks made the bases safe, Arenado hit a sharp double to the left to bring in two runners, and Kyle Tucker’s sacrifice fly continued with 1 out and 1st and 2nd base. Realmuto’s timely hit led to a 4-0 lead.

The U.S., which escaped 6-0 with Turner’s ground ball and Cedric Mullins’ triple, continued with 2nd out, 1st and 3rd baseman Trout scored 3 runs in the middle left, widening the score to 9-0. Trout kicked up a low fastball in the middle of opponent left-hander RJ Freire’s first pitch of 92.4 miles.

In the second inning, the American batting line exploded. Thanks to Arenado’s walk, Tim Anderson’s triple, Real Muto’s sacrifice fly, and Turner’s two-run homer in left center, they ran away 12-1.

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