Can Harry Kane and Tottenham really happily accompany each other?

The British’The Times’ said on the 6th (Korean time), “Kane has to keep thinking about how he can become the top scorer in the English Premier League (EPL) at Tottenham, because Tottenham will not sell him to a rival club this summer. ” reported.

Kane’s future is expected to become a hot potato this summer. Kane, Tottenham’s all-time leading scorer, is now around 17 months away from the expiration of his contract. Tottenham fans were worried about Kane’s future as news that Manchester United were targeting Kane came out. It is because there is not much expectation that Tottenham will be able to escape from the military this season.

Asked about his future under these circumstances, Kane said: “I know there will be rumors and a lot of speculation about my future, but I’m just focusing on what I can do. Of course I still want to win trophies for Tottenham. It’s been my goal since I started playing football. There is no reason why I can’t succeed this season.” 메이저사이트

Regarding this, ‘The Times’ said, “Kane has hinted that contract negotiations may resume in the coming months. “It hasn’t progressed. If there is no progress, his future could be called into question if Tottenham end the season.”

Kane is also a player whose loyalty to Tottenham is certain, so of course he will prioritize renewing his contract, but if it breaks down, the situation will definitely become complicated. Tottenham does not want to sell Kane to an EPL club, but Kane prefers to remain in the EPL.

Now, for Kane, who is preparing for the second half of his career, challenging a new league can be a very adventurous decision. Crucially, Kane wants to break Alan Shearer’s record for the highest scorer in Premier League history. In order to break Shearer’s record, he must continue to stay in the EPL, even if it is not Tottenham.

It can be a problem because the positions of the two sides are so different. Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy is also famous for not changing his position once he has made up his mind. Unlike the Man City transfer wave, it seems that Kane will never back down this time.

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