The keyword for the Korea-Japan match that Kim Gyeong-moon, former baseball team coach, picked is ‘burden’.

Former manager Kim Kyung-moon was the manager of the baseball team for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. He was the commander who led the 2008 Beijing Olympic gold medal legend by winning 8 matches, and had high expectations at the Tokyo Games, but the results were disastrous. Japan, the United States, and the Dominican Republic were caught one after another and finished the tournament with no medals. The pride of the ‘defending champion’ collapsed in Olympic baseball held in 13 years. In particular, the result was even more painful as they lost the match between Korea and Japan in the semifinals.

Former coach Kim Gyeong-moon, who visited the NC Dinos Spring Camp on the 18th (Korean time), said in an interview with this magazine, “There is one thing I felt during the last tournament (Tokyo Olympics).” Former coach Kim led the team from 2012 to June 2018 as the first NC command tower. He was in a position to encourage his former team, but as he had more experience as a national team coach, he did not miss talking about the World Baseball Classic (WBC) to be held in March.

Former coach Kim Gyeong-moon said, “In the past, when I played against opponents, Japan was very nervous. I felt a lot of pressure. But at some point, Korean players became FA (free agents) and received (large) money, Doesn’t the attack come in? At some point, the burden on the players increased.”

The portal site has abolished article comments as of 2020. Some malicious commenters are moving to the player’s personal social media (SNS) and pouring out abusive language through so-called direct messages (DM). Since it is a secret space that is not open to the public, the robbery is bound to be worse than the comments. Some players even proceed to sue the content of cursing their families. In particular, the stress you get when you lose in the match between Korea and Japan is extreme. 온라인바카라

What coach Kim Kyung-moon is concerned about is the effect of the burden on his performance. It was a mistaken play that separated the joys and sorrows of the match between Korea and Japan in the semifinals of the Tokyo Olympics. At the end of the 8th inning, with the national team tied 2-2, Go Woo-seok (LG Twins), who took the mound, induced Kensuke Kondo (Softbank Hawks) to ground a ball to first base from 1 out 1 base. He caught 1st base runner Yuki Yanagita (Softbank) from 2nd base and raised the out count, but Go Woo-seok, who entered the 1st base cover, failed to step on the base properly, so he could not connect with a double stroke. The shaken Ko Woo-seok brought himself to the base with a wild throw and two walks from the 2nd and 1st base, and allowed Tetsuto Yamada (Yakult Swallows) a sweeping double. Ko Woo-seok is a close pitcher representing the KBO league, but he was greatly shaken, perhaps because of the burden of the match against Korea and Japan.

At the WBC, Korea and Japan were in Group B in the first round. On March 10th, they will face off for first place in Group B at Tokyo Dome, the sacred ground of Japanese baseball. WBC representative Koo Chang-mo (NC Dinos) says, “You can’t lose even rock, paper, scissors” over the Korea-Japan match. Most of the players on the national team feel the same way. Not only the Tokyo Olympics, but the recent Korea-Japan match results were particularly bad, so the spleen became stronger. At the training ground of the national team, there are growing voices pledging revenge against Japanese players who gave them different nightmares, including Yamakawa Hotaka (Seibu Lions) Yamada. 

Coincidentally, Japan is strong enough to be the favorite to win this tournament. The final entry was made with the most elite members, including Shohei Ohtani (LA Angels) and Yu Darvish (San Diego Padres). If the ‘rival relationship’ is highlighted ahead of the tournament, the burden on the national team may increase. Yang Hyeon-jong (KIA Tigers) said, “I will not compromise in the fight against myself,” and expressed his determination ahead of the tournament.

Former coach Kim Kyung-moon advised, “It’s not like it’s not going away just because you’re told not to have a burden…, the players have a little more of that (burden).

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