Shin Jin-seo, a 4th grader in elementary school, won 4 gold medals in the 2010 children’s competition. He never appeared in children’s competitions again. Shin Sang-yong, a father who took a further look, thought that his son’s quarreling with his peers did not help him improve. 카지노사이트

His father took his son back and forth between Busan and Seoul every weekend. Prodigy clashed with strong adults in Avasa, an amateur Go club. In March 2012, four months before the 1st Youngjae Enrollment Contest, his father made a decision. The whole family decided to leave Busan and go to Seoul. I soon found Chungam Baduk Dojang. Dojang teacher Han Jong-jin, 8th dan, watched Shin Jin-seo Go, which he had heard about. He said, “I couldn’t believe that I was an elementary school student. I was strong enough to be a pro right now, from the beginning to the end of the middle.”

Chuck attached to black 35. Shin Jin-seo was able to see through the flow and change that followed from this number. He completed his research with artificial intelligence. He said the practice questions he had solved came out on the actual exam. <Figure 1> Black 1 is an incorrect number. Baek takes the ear with 4 and leads the 5th house. When he flips with black 39, he has no choice but to retreat with white 42. <Figure 2> Bag 1 is not. Cut with black 2 and 4 and stretch to catch white.

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