‘The 100 Million Euro Man’ Mihailo Mudrik (22, Chelsea) was criticized for being ‘substandard’.

According to Ukraine’s ‘Dinamo Kieu’ on the 20th (Korean time), former coach Josef Sabo pointed out that Mudrik does not suit the level of the Premier League (PL). He pointed out that the only reason Mudrik was able to move to Chelsea was speed.

Moudrik joined Chelsea through the last transfer window. Expectations were high as he dominated the Ukrainian Premier League with his quick feet and brilliant dribbles. Chelsea was about to invest a whopping 100 million euros (approximately 146.3 billion won) to bring him over Arsenal.

When I opened the lid, it was different. Mudrik has appeared in 12 matches in a Chelsea uniform, but has only 0 goals and 2 assists. The only game that played all 90 minutes was against Brighton on the 15th. It is an activity that does not suit the huge ransom of 100 million euros at all.토토사이트

It wasn’t too much of a surprise to Sabo. Having coached Dynamo Kiuu and the Ukrainian national team in the past, he evaluated Mudrik as having many limitations except for his speed.

Sabo said: “Mudrik was only brought to Chelsea because of his crazy speed. They want him to play, but England is different. There they don’t let Mudrik get the ball and even then the two of them are fast enough to make up space. It doesn’t allow it at all. That’s it. No Mudrik,” he insisted.

He continued, “Mudrik played full-time for the first time against Brighton. He made passes, but mostly showed nothing. I learned how he plays, moves, opens up, and behaves on the field as he gets used to the PL. I hope you understand.”

Finally, Sabo said: “I have to admit that Mudric doesn’t have the individual skills that Manchester City side midfielders do. They have great technique and turn around as soon as they get the ball. , is not given space, so he is not performing well at Chelsea.”

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