After this match, you will be given a honey-like break.

Seongnam FC will face off against Managing Director Kim Cheon in the 12th round of the ‘Hanawon Q K League 2 2023’ held at Tancheon Sports Complex on the 7th at 6:30 pm. Currently, Seongnam is 7th with 15 points and Gimcheon is 2nd with 21 points.

Seongnam’s recent trend is not bad. Seongnam, which had been undefeated in three games last month (2 wins, 1 draw), ended their undefeated streak by losing to Busan I-Park, but lost in Seoul E-Land FC (2-1 win) and Gimpo FC expedition (1-1 draw). returned home without Seoul E-Land match and Gimpo match were held 3 days apart, and especially considering that Gimpo is showing a good pace in the league this season, it is encouraging that Seongnam recorded 1 win and 1 draw in 2 away matches.

Tancheon has returned from two tough expeditions, but the next opponent is also formidable. It is Gimcheon who boasts of ‘national level power’. Gimcheon, which is running second in the league after Gimpo, has a squad that will not be outdone even when compared to K-League 1 teams. Contrary to the expectation that they will reign as the first league before the opening, they are shaking a little, but Kim Cheon is not an opponent to be taken lightly.

Seongnam puts their hopes on the attacking team. It is worth looking forward to the performance of the two foreign strikers, Denilson and Chris, as well as Lee Jong-ho, who has been showing a good figure recently. Currently, Lee Jong-ho is 5th in league scoring with 4 goals and Chris is 9th with 3 goals. The role of helpers such as Jung Han-min and Shim Dong-woon is also important.

Kim Cheon’s goal for the Seongnam expedition is to win consecutively. Gimcheon, who had been on a four-game winning streak last month, suffered a 0-2 defeat at home to Gimpo. Fortunately, in the following Ansan Greeners expedition, Kim Jin-gyu won the winning goal and won again in one game. Now, Kim Cheon is trying to rise again by challenging the Seongnam expedition to win streak.토토사이트

Kim Cheon believes in the ‘private line’ such as Kim Jin-gyu, who has scored 3 goals and 2 assists in the league, as well as Cho Young-wook and Kim Min-jun. The presence of Kim Ji-hyun, Lee Young-jae, and Kwon Chang-hoon, who are about to be discharged, is also great. Kim Cheon is determined to become a top-class player again through this game.

What both teams need to worry about is the stamina of the players. Both Seongnam and Gimcheon will play again 4 days after the last match. This is the third match of the 8-day schedule. As the players are very tired, there is a high possibility that the physical strength arrangement will also act as a variable.

The last match between the two teams was held in the K League 1 last season. The match played in Gimcheon on October 9 last year was a 1-1 draw. Both teams have a lot of changes in their squad compared to that time, so it is expected that a different game will unfold than last year.

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