At the Taebaek Mountain Cup, the first women’s professional bowling tournament this season, I won my third championship in six years and my personal career.

Park Jin-hee defeated Yoon-ah Han 237-222 in the final held at Taebaek Bowling Stadium in Gangwon.

It was Han Yoon-ah who took the lead in the beginning of the game.

Yuna Han took the lead by landing four consecutive strikes, but she faltered, making a split in the fifth frame.

On the other hand, Park Jin-hee took the initiative by counterattacking with three consecutive strikes from the 5th frame, and finished the match with a strike in the last frame.먹튀검증

This marks Jinhee Park’s first win in six years since her 2017 Daesu Industrial Development Cup.

Park Jin-hee, who reached the top for the first time on her 2012 DSD 2nd Ansan Tour, was honored with her 3rd win of her career.

Park Jin-hee said, “I was worried about whether or not to participate in this tournament because I am not in good shape. I want to praise myself.”

In her first women’s team final of the season, Jinhee Park’s team, P&B Wuchang, defeated Ebonite 221-152.

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