“200 innings”, “180 innings”.

Will the KIA Tigers get a good foreign punch? What managers prefer most is to complete the season as a starting pitcher and get an inning eater. New foreign pitchers suddenly promised 200 and 180 innings. 

Sean Anderson and Adonis Medina made their debut on the 1st in a practice match against the Samsung Lions in Okinawa. The results were solid. Anderson threw the ball up to 153 km and blocked it perfectly with 3 strikeouts in 2 innings.  

He used fastballs, sliders, curveballs, and changeups to tie up Samsung’s elite batting line. The dynamic pitching form that vigorously sprayed long hair while waving was impressive. The bats of the Samsung batters did not respond properly. “My strength is to throw as aggressively as possible from the first pitch. I will strike out and strike out,” he laughed. 

Medina, who followed Anderson, threw a 150km ball, giving up 3 hits, 1 strikeout and 1 run in 2 innings. He used five pitches until two-seam. Hits and runs are annoying, but the catcher’s fastball was caught and the balls were missed. 

Medina said, “I am satisfied with throwing as much as I prepared for the first pitching. I tested all the pitches. I am not satisfied with my speed now. Overall, it was around 70%. As I enter the season, my speed will increase to 100%.” 

Both pitchers showed an active commitment to their goals for the season. Anderson said, “I feel a lot of responsibility as a foreign pitcher. I want to win as many multipliers as possible. I want to play 200 innings healthily.” Here, he went one step further and hoped, “I really want to throw it on the fall stage.”  토토사이트

When Medina heard that Anderson would pitch 200 innings, he laughed and pondered for a while, then said, “I will work hard for the team’s performance. My goal is 180 innings.” 

It was a promise that director Kim Jong-kook would be happy to hear. Coach Kim has expressed his wish, “I hope both pitchers can throw more than 150 to 160 innings each.” Sean Nolin’s 124 innings was the most among three foreign pitchers last year. Because there was no full-time foreign selection, I could not rise to the top. 

But if you add Anderson and Menida’s target innings, it’s 380 innings. 200 innings is a difficult figure even for outsiders. For this reason, even if he plays only 170 to 180 innings in 30 games, he deserves applause. Eyes are on whether the two foreigners will keep their promise with their hot pitches.

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