Major League Baseball’s (MLB) Luis Arajuez (26-Miami Marlins) is hitting again, continuing his quest for a “four-for-four” season. Ted Williams’ name continues to be invoked as the “last 4-for-4” hitter.

Arajuez started at first base and batted 3-for-4 against the Philadelphia Phillies in the 2023 MLB World Series at Rondipo Park in Florida, U.S., on Monday (Aug. 1). He lined a single to right field off opposing starter Taijuan Walker in the bottom of the first inning, and added another in the fifth and seventh innings. Arajuez, who had gone 0-for-4 against the Detroit Tigers the day before, dragged his batting average back up from .377 to .381. 3

Arajuez’s chances of reaching .400 are far from assured. After 107 games (team-leading), it’s still a “possibility,” and that’s all that matters.

At this point, Ronald Acuña Jr. of the Atlanta Braves (24 homers-51 stolen bases per day), who is on pace to become the first player ever to reach the 30-homer, 70-steal mark, is ahead of Araujo in the National League (NL) Most Valuable Player (MVP) race. When it comes to MVP and Rookie of the Year awards, the rarity of the record is usually a big factor for voters. A .400 batting average has occurred 13 times since 1901.

In fact, Williams didn’t even win the MVP in 1941, when he hit .406. The Boston Red Sox player was in the running for the best player in the American League (AL), but lost the award to New York Yankees legend Joe DiMaggio. In the end, Williams received 254 points and DiMaggio 291.

DiMaggio had a 56-game hitting streak from May 15 to July 17 that year (1941), setting a record for the longest hitting streak that still stands. DiMaggio would not be surpassed by the 12 previous four-hit games.

As of August 2023, however, Arajuez has a legitimate case for MVP consideration over Williams. In 1941, no player has done it in the 81 years since, although it had happened 12 times in the previous 40 years. The closest was Tony Gwynn, who hit .394 in 1994. In the meantime, the value of scarcity has grown.바카라사이트

Arajuez has three “five-hit” games this season. He’s had three or more in his last five games. He has only 24 strikeouts in 426 at-bats this season. The door is still open for him to reach a .400 batting average. If he does, he’ll have a shot at the MVP. Acuña Jr.’s 30-homer, 70-steal season isn’t over yet, either.

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