Ninth and 10th place meet at an opportune time.

The Hanwha Eagles and Samsung Lions will play a three-game weekend series in Daegu. It’s a tough matchup.

But for different reasons. The home team, Samsung, has hit rock bottom. There’s nowhere to go but down. One win on Sunday after five straight losses in two weeks.

This week is still winless. They almost got swept by Lotte in Sajik, losing the first two games. They were spared by rain, and the pitchers were spared in Daegu.

Samsung’s primary goal is to get out of last place. They must catch Hanwha. Only then will they have any hope of escaping last place. However, this is not possible in this three-game series. The distance between them has widened a lot. It’s four games. Even if they win all three games, they won’t be able to overturn the standings.

On the 30th, Samsung will send out its ace duo of Buchanan and Won Tae-in for a series against Hanwha. They must end their five-game losing streak by sacrificing Hanwha. They are also desperate for a victory for their home fans, who continue to show their support with the fourth-best attendance despite their poor performance.카지노

Hanwha thinks differently than Samsung. The goal is not to finish last.

It’s no longer looking down. We’ve climbed too high for that. It’s only 9th in the standings, but there’s no 7th, 8th, or 9th place cluster. We are only 0.5 games behind 7th and 8th place KT and KIA without a win. The team is determined to jump to a higher level by focusing on the 1-3 starters, including Moon Dong-joo and Peña Sanchez, and sacrificing the declining Samsung.

The mood is good. Pajuk has won six straight games. On the 30th, they will try to win their seventh straight game for the first time in 18 years with Moon Dong-joo.

With each passing game, the younger players are gaining experience and getting stronger. Outfielder Nick Williams, who replaced Brian O’Grady, is also looking good. He’s hit two doubles in two games. It’s enough to spark the batting lineup.

Two teams with statue dreams. With different goals, it’s clear that this is a watershed moment for both teams.

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