Suwon Special City has risen to the top in the 69th Gyeonggi-do Sports Festival Ssireum Division 1 for 8 consecutive years.

Suwon City Hall, led by coach Lee Choong-yeop, the ‘master’, scored 1,462 points in the first division held at Seongnam Sports Complex Ssireum Stadium on the 12th, winning the team event, winning the 2nd individual event, 3rd place in the 3rd weight category, and 3rd place in the 2nd weight category, Gwangju City (1,367 points) and Yongin City (1,203 points) and kept the top spot.

In the team match final against Gwangju City, Moon Ki-taek lost 1-2 to Oh Joon-yeong, but Seon-haeng Heo defeated Kim Young-min 2-0 to tie the game 1-1, and Lee Hyo-jin and Lim Tae-hyeok, Kim Seong-hwan and Lee Jang-il respectively. won 2-0.

In addition, Suwon City Hall took first place in the individual competition, with Commissioner-level (under 85kg) Heo Seon-haeng and Yongjang-level (under 90kg) Lim Tae-hyeok defeating Yun Seong-seong (Namyangju-si) and Lee Tae-yoon (Seongnam-si) 2-0, respectively, including winning the team event side by side. won 2 crowns.

Lee Choong-yeop, coach of Suwon City Hall, said, “We were able to continue our winning streak by winning a dramatic victory in the first game of the team match against Yongin City Hall, which was the biggest hurdle the previous day.” I am grateful to the people involved, including Park Gwang-guk, the president of the Sports Association, and Lee Chun-hee, the president of the Ssireum Association, who visited and encouraged me.”

In the finals of the 1st part individual event, Jangsaeng class (under 140kg), Kim Dong-hyun (Yongin-si) took revenge on Nam-geun Seo (Suwon-si), who had lost 1-2 the previous day, 2-0, and achieved his second consecutive victory in the event, and achieved a second consecutive victory in the historical class (under 105kg ) Park Min-gyo (Yongin City) also won 2-0 victory over Lee Hyo-jin and held the hegemony.

In the finals of the warrior class (under 95kg), Lee Jang-il won the gold medal by defeating last year’s champion Kim Gi-su 2-0, and Major General (under 80kg) Kim Yun-soo (Yongin City) and Superintendent (under 75kg) Park Hyeon-wook (Gwangju City), respectively. They defeated Oh Jun-yeong (Gwangju City) and Hwang Min-hyeok (Yongin City) 2-0 and accompanied them to the summit.바카라사이트

Meanwhile, in Division 2, Yangpyeong County Office won all 7 weight classes in the team event and individual event, and lifted the championship trophy with 868 points, far ahead of Uiwang City (637 points) and Icheon City (597 points).

In the team finals, Yangpyeong-gun defeated Uiwang-si 3-0 to win the championship, and in the individual competition, Hong Seong-joon of the Gyeongjang level, Kim Won-ho of the Major General level, Lee Jae-an of the Commissioner level, Jeong Myeong-geun of the Yongjang level, Oh Seong-ho of the warrior level, Yun Min-seok of the history level, and Nam Young-seok of the general level monopolized the championship.

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