Samsung ace Suarez has said goodbye to his fans.

On October 10, Suarez posted a photo on his social media accounts with the message, “Thanks KBO. Thanks KBO! until next time,” with a message that read. Suarez’s post was a photo of the monthly MVP nominees, a collection of players who performed well in the month of July. At the time, Suarez rubbed shoulders with NC’s Martin, Hanwha’s Noh Si Hwan, and KT’s Go Young-pyo-Benjamin duo. Although the monthly MVP award had to go to home run leader Noh Si-hwan, Suarez didn’t allow a single run in 19 innings pitched in three games in July, despite his team being in last place.

No one doubted Suarez’s long-term commitment to Samsung, but the final straw came on July 6, when he limped as if in pain while covering the bases in the first inning against LG in Daegu. A medical examination revealed a 12-centimeter muscle damage on the gastrocnemius side of his left calf, and he was forced to be replaced for the season. He finished the season with a 4-7 record and a 3.92 ERA in 108 innings pitched.안전놀이터

The fact that the injury was not of his own doing, but was caused by an injury, made it even more disappointing for him and the fans. Suarez also expressed his disappointment on social media before returning home.

Suarez, who was once criticized by fans who said, “Let’s confiscate his passport and prevent him from returning to his home country!” remembered that despite his strong performance last year, he was unable to collect a win. Fans showed their sympathy by sending him coffee. Suarez hasn’t forgotten their support.

One Samsung fan wrote, “Thank you so much for coming to me in such a difficult time, and thank you so much for your support. I hope you recover well and see you again next year,” and “I’m so grateful that Suarez is our team. We wish him the best of luck. I hope to see you in blue again next year,” and so on.

It remains to be seen if Suarez will recover from his injury and be able to wear a Samsung jersey again next year, as he and his fans hope.

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