The match between the Lakers and Boston left a sense of discomfort due to a misdirection.

The Los Angeles Lakers lost 121-125 in a game against the Boston Celtics in the 2022-2023 NBA regular season held at Boston TD Garden on the 29th (hereinafter Korean time).

This season, the NBA has created a new ‘Rival Week’, which focuses on matches between rival teams from January 23rd to 29th. The match between the Lakers and Boston on the last day of Rival Week was a fierce match as the best rivals in the league. The game was won by the home team, Boston, after a close game that went into overtime.

However, the worst misjudgment made the meaning of the match faded. The situation in which the afterglow of the overall judgment was already not clear throughout the game. The scene of controversy came at the end of the 4th quarter, which was the game.

The Lakers’ last offense, which was 105-105 in a game on thin ice, Jayson Tatum obviously hit LeBron’s arm in the process of LeBron James attempting a layup through Boston’s defensive forest. However, no foul was called and LeBron’s shot did not go in, and the game went into overtime.

The referee near the baseline did not call a foul, even though it happened right in front of him. LeBron, who was complaining of injustice, sat down on the floor and was frustrated, and Patrick Beverly took a camera that recorded the scene and showed it to the referees, protesting and receiving a technical foul.

A coming that was so obvious that anyone could easily understand it. Eric Lewis, who was the referee of the game that day, admitted through a full report, “There was contact in the last situation of the fourth quarter. At that time, I did not see a foul during the game. The referees missed the play.”  카지노

It is rare for NBA players to strongly point out referee decisions in post-game interviews because they can be punished, such as fines. But this day was an exception. Anthony Davis said in an interview, “Today’s game was stolen. It is unacceptable.”

LeBron, who was not recognized for the foul, expressed regret, saying, “Didn’t you see my reaction after the foul call came out? I can’t understand it.” .

NBA legends also left bitter comments about the miscarriage. Lakers legend and commentator James Worthy pointed out, “Today’s umpire shouldn’t be in charge of the big game anymore.”

The Lakers, who failed to make the decisive free throw, ended up losing to Boston in overtime. The 41-point performance of veteran Lebron, who played 44 minutes, was also overshadowed by the team’s defeat and misfortune.

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