“I’m cautious, but we have to help Kim Yoo-seong (21, Doosan Bears) become a good person, a mature person, and a true professional.”

This is what Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop said. Doosan is now trying to appoint right-handed pitcher Kim Yu-seong, who was nominated as the 19th pick in the 2nd round of the 2023 rookie draft, on the stage of the first team. From the 25th to the 27th, Doosan chose to accompany Kim Yoo-seong while playing three consecutive matches against the Samsung Lions in Daegu. It has been four days since Kim Yoo-sung reached an agreement with the victims of violence on the 21st.

Doosan nominated Yuseong Kim in the top round despite taking the huge risk of ‘controversy over school violence’. His down payment was 150 million won. Kim Yoo-seong was a player with outstanding talent to the extent that he was nominated for the first time in the NC Dinos in 2021 prior to the school violence controversy. With his height of 190 cm and weight of 98 kg, his physique was excellent, and his heavy fastball approaching 150 km per hour was an advantage.

As the issue of school violence at the time became more serious, NC decided to withdraw Kim Yoo-sung’s nomination, and Doosan again held the hand of Kim Yoo-seong, who applied for the early draft while trying to make a comeback at Korea University. Kim Yoo-seong was still unforgiven by the victim, and he was a rough player in many ways in that he was a player that NC gave up for school violence. Still, Doosan chose the adventure of choosing talent despite the uncomfortable gaze.

At the time of the appointment, Kim Tae-ryong, Doosan general manager, said, “I thought a lot.

As Director Kim predicted, Doosan asked for forgiveness from the victim side along with Kim Yu-seong. Since all discipline related to school violence had already been received, the victim’s forgiveness was the final gateway. In July 2017, Yuseong Kim was suspended from attendance for five days by the Naedong Middle School Violence Committee, and in January of the following year, the Changwon District Court ordered 20 hours of psychological treatment and 40 hours of community service. In October 2020, she received a one-year suspension from the Sports Fair Commission.

Doosan wanted to help Yuseong Kim, who wanted to continue playing baseball, and Yuseong Kim had no other choice but to sincerely apologize to the victim. Doosan decided that it would not be put on the mound for the first team unless Kim Yoo-sung was forgiven by the victim and moved. In this way, Doosan nominated Kim Yu-seong in September of last year and reached an agreement with the victim in about 7 months.

There is only one thing the victim requested while forgiving Kim Yu-seong. He hopes that he will grow into an exemplary player without forgetting the heart of reflection as he does now. Director Lee, on behalf of Doosan, repeatedly thanked the victim for actually paving the way for Kim Yoo-sung.

Even if an agreement was reached with the victim, the eyes of baseball fans looking at Kim Yu-seong cannot suddenly be corrected. It is unreasonable even in common sense to expect support from fans immediately after an agreement with the victim. There is no way that Doosan and Kim Yoo-seong did not know about this reaction, and they were prepared to some extent. Even if we look at many cases, erasing the stigma of school violence is never easy.먹튀검증

Since Doosan has met the precondition of ‘agreement with the victim’, they are trying to open up an opportunity for Kim Yu-seong to stand on the first team mound. Judgment is up to the fans watching.

Director Lee said, “I have successfully resolved the problem with the victim student, and if you are a good player, I think now is the time to use it. I think it is the right time to play baseball because Kim Yoo-seong has also thought and reflected on a lot of thoughts and worries. , A mature person, we have to help him become a true professional. If left unattended, we could block that player’s future. If he has a good pitch and is capable, he intends to use it. It was good to see him in the second team.”

Kim Yoo-seong took the mound in 3 games while rotating the starting rotation in the Futures League, recording 1 win, 13 innings, and an ERA of 2.77. He gave up nine walks while striking out 16, and had a 0.133 batting average. He is evaluated as having the best pitch among pitchers currently playing in the second team.

Coach Lee first watches Kim Yoo-sung’s bullpen pitching, grasps his pitch, and decides whether to register for the first team. Right now, when the bullpen needs a blood transfusion, Kim Yoo-seong is considered as the number one call-up.

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