Hanhwa ‘Super Rookie’ Kim Seo-hyeon (18), who is suffering from SNS controversy, will make a public apology soon.

An official from the Hanwha club said on the 9th (Korean time), “We plan to officially apologize after the disciplinary action is over. Then she will show her sincerity.”

Kim Seo-hyun did not apologize for the situation after the incident, which raised the controversy even more. Many people waited for his apology, but there was no news for two days.

It seems that the Hanwha team was also looking at the right time.

Kim Seo-hyun should be sincere in this apology. It can be seen as a personal deviation, but it is also a matter at stake for the honor of the entire Korean professional baseball league.

In the future, people will pay attention to Kim Seo-hyun’s every move. We will see if he will be able to truly reflect and spend the growth period to be reborn as a good person.

This is why Seohyun Kim has to pay more attention to each and every one of her actions and show her reflection through her actions.

A good example is that the fans’ heart fluctuated once again due to Kim Seo-hyun’s immediate reaction on social media.

Kim Seo-hyun confidently continued her SNS activities on the first day of her probation. He immediately clicked ‘Like’ when the post came up on the Hanwha Eagles official Instagram account.

During his probation, his use of SNS again became the reason for the criticism.

It can be said that it was a glimpse of how Kim Seo-hyun’s baseball life will develop in the future.

Kim Seo-hyun must have clicked ‘Like’ on the team’s SNS in a good way. However, fans were again disappointed with Kim Seo-hyun’s behavior.

He should have refrained from expressing his emotions and showed more self-control. Until this situation completely subsides, fans wanted to see him not even close to social media.

No matter how good the intentions were, each and every act of Kim Seo-hyun will be noticed like this time. Even a small thing can spark a big fire. 카지노사이트

Points will come in without missing out on what kind of life Kim Seo-hyun will live in the future.

No one knows when that period will last. Until Kim Seo-hyun sincerely apologizes and shows her heart through her actions, a commotion like now can happen anytime.

Kim Seo-hyun would never have imagined that one ‘like’ would bring about such a wave.

This is the reality. More could happen in the future. Kim Seo-hyun, who has already lost the fans’ trust once, must make a greater effort to set everything right.

He has to prove that he is growing not only in baseball skills but also in his personality. At any rate, I hope that the current hot public opinion will not be resentful. We must not forget that because of the great affection, the reprimand was even stronger.

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