The 2023 Gwacheon Marathon was held on the 21st at the athletics field of Gwacheon Gwanmun Sports Park with 2,500 participants, volunteers, and 4,000 people including family members and colleagues.

Co-hosted by the Gwacheon City Sports Association and Gyeonggi Ilbo, supervised by the Gwacheon City Sports Association and the Gwacheon City Athletics Federation, and sponsored by the city of Gwacheon, this competition competed over three courses: men’s and women’s half courses, 10km, and 5km health courses.

Amateur marathoners from 12 cities and provinces nationwide as well as marathon families participated and shared friendships while running the marathon course in Gwacheon.

The opening ceremony was attended by Gwacheon Mayor Shin Gye-yong, National Assembly member Lee So-young, People’s Power Uiwang and Gwacheon Party Council Chairman Choi Ki-sik, Gwacheon City Council Chairman Kim Jin-woong, Gyeonggi Ilbo CEO Shin Hang-cheol, Gwacheon City Sports Council President Jeong Jeong-gyun, provincial and city council members, and heads of institutions at various levels.

On this day, about 70 volunteers from local middle and high school students, the Marine Corps Tournament Association, and the Model Drivers Association attended the Gwacheon Gwanmun Sports Park Track and Field Stadium to help the competition run smoothly, and various prizes such as Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Tab, sports goggles, and a vacuum cleaner were provided through a lottery.

In the competition, Kim Yong-beom (46, Suwon-si) and Kim Ju-yeon (46, Gwangmyeong-si) won the men’s and women’s half course championships side by side.

Kim Yong-beom set a record of 1 hour 14 minutes 45 seconds in the men’s half course (21.0975 km) from Gwacheon Gwanmun Sports Park Track and Field Stadium, Gwacheon Central Park – Yangjaecheon Bicycle Road, and Kang Ki-pil (Ansan City, 1 hour 19 minutes 32 seconds). Kim In-ki (Bucheon City, 1 hour 20 minutes 24 seconds) won the championship.

In the women’s half course, Kim Joo-yeon recorded 1 hour 25 minutes 20 seconds, finishing first ahead of Noh Eun-hee (Seongnam City, 1 hour 30 minutes 56 seconds) and Hong Seo-rin (Incheon City, 1 hour 34 minutes 34 seconds).

In addition, in the men’s 10km course, which started at the Gwacheon Gwanmun Sports Park Track and Field Stadium and finished through the library three-way intersection, Mr. Sandong (45, Incheon City) finished in 34 minutes and 14 seconds, while Mr. Nampyeong-soo (Seoul City, 34 minutes and 42 seconds) and Mr. Taehyun Kim (Ansan City, 34 minutes and 42 seconds). 35 minutes 42 seconds) and won.

In the women’s 10km event, Lee Ju-yeong (33, Seongnam City) took first place with a time of 40 minutes and 25 seconds, ahead of Lee Seon-yeong (Suwon City, 41 minutes and 6 seconds) and Hwang Jeong-mi (Ansan City, 42 minutes and 18 seconds).

Shin Gye-yong, mayor of Gwacheon, said, “Thank you to all the marathon lovers and all the families who participated in the Gwacheon Marathon. Gwacheon is being reborn as a modern urban landscape day by day. I hope you enjoy the beauty and run safely.”

Shin Hang-cheol, CEO of the Gyeonggi Ilbo, said in his speech at the event, “All runners who participated in the 2023 Gwacheon Marathon should enjoy the scenery of Mt.

Interview Shin Gye-yong, mayor of Gwacheon, “Festival of health and harmony… good energy to attract Hanyejong”

“I am very happy that the 2023 Gwacheon Marathon was held in hopes of attracting the Korea National University of Arts.”

Gwacheon Mayor Shin Gye-yong announced the start of the 2023 Gwacheon Marathon through a congratulatory speech at the Gwacheon Gwanmun Sports Park Athletics Stadium on the 21st.

Mayor Shin said, “It is an honor to hold the 2023 Gwacheon Marathon to wish for the invitation of the Hanyejong with Gwacheon citizens and marathon families across the country.” welcomed the participants who found

Mayor Shin had time to harmonize and communicate with many citizens who participated in the event, and also reflected on the meaning of the event as a sports festival rather than a competition.

Mayor Shin said, “Gwacheon not only has a natural environment blessed by nature, such as Mt. I would like to express my gratitude to the many people who have worked hard.”

Lastly, Mayor Shin said, “Since it is a festival held in Gwacheon, I hope that it will be a place where all participants can enjoy and harmonize together.”

■ Hero of Glory

Kim Yong-beom, who won the men’s half course, “I’m happy with my first participation

Kim Yong-beom (46, Suwon City) took first place with a good record of 1 hour 14 minutes 45 seconds in the men’s half course of the 2023 Gwacheon Marathon held on the 21st.

Kim, who crossed the finish line with a big smile on the day, said, “I am happy to have achieved good results because it is my first participation in the competition held in Gwacheon.”

Mr. Kim is a talented person who has achieved excellent results enough to win not only the Gwacheon Marathon but also various marathons held nationwide. A marathon started for health. For Kim, who has been a marathon runner for 13 years, the marathon has become more than just exercise. He said, “I challenged myself to run a marathon 12 years ago to relieve stress. He fell in the charm of being able to focus only on exercise while running and suddenly became a 13-year-old marathoner,” he said. “There were many good things while running the marathon. Marathons are part of life,” he said.

Kim cited constant practice as the secret to winning. “I think I run four or five times a week,” he explained.

Jooyeon Kim , who won the women’s half course “Constant effort
was the driving force behind winning the championship”

Kim Joo-yeon (46, Gwangmyeong-si), who won the women’s half course at the 2023 Gwacheon Marathon with a time of 1 hour 25 minutes 20 seconds, was the first to cross the finish line.

“Before participating in the Gwacheon Marathon, she planned how she would run,” said Kim. It seems that keeping her pace based on constant practice has paid off well,” she said.스포츠토토

Kim started running marathons in 2019. The marathon, which she accidentally started to manage her physical strength, has now become a “runner” with the marathon.

Kim explains that as she consistently wins, the more she runs, the more she falls in love with the marathon. In particular, she also set a goal that next year she would also participate in the Gwacheon Marathon and achieve her second consecutive victory. He said, “I plan to participate in the Gwacheon Marathon again next year,” and expressed his aspirations, “next year, I will further improve my skills and shorten her record by more than 10 minutes.”

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