A fierce ranking battle unfolds, which is difficult to determine the outline of spring volleyball.

The Dodram 2022-2023 V-League men’s regular season is only about a month away. While Korean Air and Hyundai Capital maintain their top ranks, attention is focused on the tight middle ranks. 3rd place Woori Card (14-14 losses, 41 points), 4th place KEPCO (13-15 losses, 41 points), and 5th place OK Financial Group (13-15 losses, 39 points) are at least one digit, at most fighting for two seats If the difference in points between 3rd and 4th place is within 3 points, the single-elimination semi-playoff will be held, otherwise only the 3rd place will go directly to the playoffs. 메이저놀이터

KEPCO, which caused a sensation, made a mess. They are making a twist that is hard to imagine even when they record 6 wins and 13 losses with 9 consecutive losses, including all losses in the 3rd round. 4 wins and 2 losses in the 4th round, 12 points, took first place in the round record, and is on a high march with a whopping 5 wins and 1 loss in the last 6 games. Thais Dull Host (registered name Thais) is showing off his top-notch foreign force with 717 points (2nd in the league) and a success rate of 54.27% (3rd). Lim Seong-jin, who was sluggish in the beginning, also rose on the 9th with 23 points, the highest score in a single game at KB Insurance. The strong presence of veterans Seo Gyeong-deok and Shin Young-seok, as well as setter Ha Seung-woo, who shows good coordination with them, shines.

While KEPCO was speeding up, competing teams suffered from sluggishness. Woori Card, which had been in 3rd place, recently fell into a quagmire of 5 consecutive losses and the emergency light was turned on. With the victory in sight, concentration dropped sharply and collapsed games followed one after another. Four out of five straight losses were full set losses. Woori Card, which has many young players, needs an opportunity to get off the pressure and get on with the flow.

OK Financial Group is also miserable with 1 win and 5 losses in the last 6 games. While the Woori Card was shaking, I dreamed of a comeback, but I missed the opportunity and now I am behind KEPCO. Ace Leonardo Leiva Martinez (registered name Leo) is struggling but lonely. Cho Jae-seong, who was involved in military service corruption, left the team early, and Cha Ji-hwan is also absent due to a knee injury. If there is no savior who will be the driving force of the ranking fight, the tough fight will continue.

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