Nicknamed ‘Shinnos (Shin Sang-hun + Thanos)’ for his powerful swing. The final king who will dominate the Korean tour has emerged. 

He looks a little blunt at the competition, but he is shy and shy when we meet him in person. He has no special hobbies. He is a natural athlete who says that if you exercise, everything will be fine. The dream of golf is also clear. “I want to go to a higher place.”

Shin Sang-hoon, who won his first victory at the KPGA Championship, a major tournament last year, is considered one of the next-generation prospects to lead Korean men’s golf. His poker face and aggressive play throughout his game exude admiration. Like a seed that sprouts in the spring by overcoming the cold weather and gathering strength, Shin Sang-hoon is also stepping up his preparations for the new season. “There is still a long way to go,” said Shin Sang-hoon, who dreams of growing without a peak.

●○● The long, long season is over. How was your off season? Except for the weekend, I exercise every day, practice my shot, and rest a lot. On warm days, I go to Suwon CC to practice, and I also do indoor training. It’s winter, so it’s cold, but there’s no big problem in training.

●○● Last year, his third year, he finally recorded his first win. How is your satisfaction when you think of last season? Even though he won, he had many regrets. I would like to give it about 70 points out of 100 points. I feel really good just thinking about winning, but I also fell in the second round of the PGA Tour Qualifying School (Q School), and I had one or two more chances to win on the Korean Tour, but I couldn’t save it. It’s a pity that I couldn’t be consistent.

●○●When he won the championship, his aggressive play shone. Are you usually aggressive? no. I’m rather strategic. Trying to fit the situation. In particular, it depends on the condition, but if the condition is good that day, I will always be aggressive. It’s not good, but I don’t like reckless challenges.

●○● How do you plan your strategy before the competition? During practice rounds, look at the course to see if you can play aggressively or play it safe, and try a lot of trouble shots. Try a variety of trouble shots, especially around the green. Even if you have to go through difficult situations, you don’t panic when difficult situations come during the tournament. It’s a shot I’ve practiced once, and I’ve experienced it.

●○● Shin Sang-hoon’s game seems calm even in difficult situations. When I play, I get angry. Isn’t it strange that I’m not angry when I’m playing golf? Still, I try not to get angry. There’s nothing good about being angry. Also, trying to maintain a poker face seems to be more helpful during competitions.

●○● How did you start playing golf? I started clubbing during the summer vacation of my 4th grade in elementary school. His father said he was learning golf, so he went with him and learned it without hesitation. I started competing in the 5th grade.

●○● Do you remember what it was like when you started? I started without thinking. At first it was just fun. It’s learning new things at a young age, and I haven’t played sports much. When I was young, I didn’t even like soccer. I preferred playing games and buying delicious food, but the first sport I learned was golf. So I guess I was more interested.

●○● Did you like the golf that you started out of the blue? I had no idea whatsoever. It was fun to go to a tournament and play golf. When I was in elementary school, I didn’t even think ‘I have to do well’. Also, I think I liked it more because I don’t have to go to school when I participate in competitions. (laughs)

●○● When did I decide to become a golf player? when I was in middle school I’ve been participating in competitions ever since I was young, but it was only then that I thought I should do this as a job. When I was in middle school, I played a lot of rounds and hit the ball a lot. However, there was a big difference in things like flight distance because I didn’t do any physical or other exercises.

●○● When do you think you grew the most? It was when I was in high school. When I went to high school, I started paying more attention to things like fitness and exercise. I exercised almost every day. Of course, I knew that it would not get better in a short period of time, and I could see it getting better little by little after preparing for a long time, and that kind of growth came to me in a very positive way. Even if you can’t see the results right away, if you prepare steadily, you’ll get better. That’s like a turning point. 메이저놀이터

●○●As someone who has been playing golf for over 10 years, why is golf good? As much as I prepared hard, I feel really proud and fun when the results come out. I felt really good and proud to see myself start to feel different from those who are good at it, feel what I lack, reorganize, and prepare again.

●○● Were there any difficult moments? There were no difficult moments. It can be hard at any time, so I try to keep only good thoughts, and I don’t try to take bad thoughts for a long time. I try to think only positively.

●○● What do you want to do outside of golf? I want to be good at golf (laughs). Other than golf? I want to go on an overseas trip, but I’m too busy and have a lot to do, so I can’t easily do it.

●○● How do you relieve stress? I don’t do anything special, but it seems to relieve my stress when I exercise. Isn’t exercise really fun? No matter what kind of exercise you do, you have to work hard. I go to sleep right after I finish it right before I collapse from exhaustion. Then sleep well. Exercising is the most fun, but if I exercise and eat delicious food, my stress will be relieved quickly.

●○● Athletes like to exercise, so it must be their calling. I think I came to like it a little more because I did what I had to do. I don’t force myself to do something I don’t want to do. I know it gets better if I do it, but isn’t it weird if I don’t? If you’re doing it to get better, that’s good.

●○● He also applied for Q School last year and is dreaming of the PGA Tour. If you are a player, I think you should run on the best stage. Last year, Q School unfortunately fell in the 2nd round. I wasn’t good at putting. I may have failed because of bad grades, but I think I need to know how to adapt quickly to the situation. I also learned that you need to pay a lot of attention to managing your stamina. Last year, I went to the US for Q School, and the Shinhan Donghae Open was held in Japan. The travel time was quite long, but I realized that managing my condition is important.

●○● Do you usually see the PGA Tour Gyeonggi-do? who’s your favorite player? I watch the broadcast often, especially the highlights. Watching the good swings the players make, watching the players winning and seeing the physical. My favorite player is Rory McIlroy. It’s really cool to consistently get the best results on the best stage.

●○● What kind of player do you want to live as? I want to live a challenging life. Entering the Korean Tour doesn’t end there, but because there are higher tours, I want to become a player who takes on challenges, prepares, and strives to be the best on that tour. I want to become a player who grows little by little every year and continues to grow and rise without a peak.

●○● If there’s anything you need to do to be the best. fitness management. That’s the first thing, and then I think I’ll have to fill in the missing parts. I try to do better in what I am good at, and I will fill in what I lack little by little. Changing too much doesn’t seem like a good thing. Before going to the PGA Tour, I want to show a better image on the Korean Tour. I won 1 last year, so this year my goal is 2 wins. 

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