Reporter Ahn Young-joon = While Celtic of the Scottish Premier League (SPL) is seeking to sign striker Oh Hyun-gyu from K-League 1 Suwon Samsung, Scottish media reporters are also interested in Oh Hyun-kyu’s transfer.

An official from Suwon recently explained to ‘News 1’, “Celtic has sent a revised transfer proposal. This offer includes a higher transfer fee than the 2.5 million euros 메이저사이트 known through the media.”

As the transfer fee proposed by Celtic is quite expensive, the Scottish media has no choice but to focus on Oh Hyun-kyu.

An official from Suwon said, “Reporters from the Scottish media directly inquired about the transfer fee offered by Celtic by e-mail to the club.” If you reply, you will get a reply right away.” In

fact, attention has already been directed toward Oh Hyun-kyu in Europe. Various media outlets, including the Scottish edition of ‘Sky Sports’, said, “Celtic and Suwon have reached an agreement on the transfer of Oh Hyun-kyu, and soon the medical test On the other hand, an official from Suwon said

, “The transfer fee for Oh Hyun-gyu has not increased because negotiations with Cho Kyu-seong (Jeonbuk) have collapsed. Celtic has been actively expressing interest in Oh Hyun-kyu even before the 2022 Qatar World Cup,” he said, conveying Celtic’s sincerity towards

Oh . We judged that it was good enough that it was difficult to do, so we are negotiating.

Suwon plans to decide whether to transfer Oh Hyun-kyu after reviewing from various angles, including recruiting substitute players, after the Lunar New Year holidays.

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