Samsung Lions, the  only one of the 10 clubs to hold a spring camp in Okinawa, Japan  , is dreaming of a reversal in the 2023 season based on the ‘power of space’  . 토토사이트

Samsung Lions , which started a full-scale camp in February,  will train first-team players at Akama Stadium in Onna-son  , which boasts top-notch facilities, and  Futures players, second  -team players, will continue training at Ishikawa Stadium, which was used by LG Twins and others in the past  . In the case of Akama Stadium, where the  Samsung Lions have continuously camped,  it boasts high-quality facilities compared  to domestic teams as well as Japanese teams camped in Okinawa, with  one auxiliary pitch, grass field, and indoor practice field,  including the main stadium. are doing In the case of Ishika  Stadium, which is used by Futures  players  , it is an old stadium that is almost 40 years old  . In fact, it was difficult for Samsung to use the ground due to heavy rain  in the Ishikawa area on February 2nd,  but after completing indoor training in the morning, the entire Futures team  moved to Akama Stadium. 

We were able to start training in the afternoon when the schedules of the first-team players were finished  .

In a situation where most other teams are camped in the United States,  Samsung is raising expectations for a reversal in the 2023 season  based on the power of Japan’s field training, which  has secured a stable space  .

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