the national team was eliminated from the preliminaries at the WBC,  disappointing baseball fans,  a professional baseball demonstration game has begun in Korea.

The Samsung Lions, who finished the Okinawa camp,  will also start the first 8 consecutive matches  at the Daegu Samsung Lions Park  with a head-to-head match against SSG Landers. Reporter Seok Won reports. ◀Reporter▶ Daegu Samsung Lions Park where an exhibition game was held on a slightly chilly Monday afternoon  . Fans who visited daytime games on weekdays  played baseball together, and Samsung players also  met spring at their home stadium they visited after a long time. ” Samsung Lions,  facing a rather gloomy opening due  to the poor performance of the team and the recent sluggishness of the WBC national team,  will conduct a final check through an exhibition match for about two weeks.” The Samsung Lions boasted a rather high training intensity in the spring camp  . Park Jin-man’s pitching team MVP  is Choong-yeon Choi , who has pitched more than 1,000 pitches as promised오락실 토토

This is what the pitchers were asking for, and first of all,  the coaches did  n’t just tell them to throw a lot, but when the pitcher threw a lot, and the  poor players threw a lot,  their skills naturally improved and their balance improved… “

Kim Tae-hoon, who was selected as the batter’s team MVP,  showed the team’s anticipation by participating as the starting second hitter. ◀ Kim  Tae-  hoon  Samsung Lions▶ I want to become a player who can contribute a lot to the game  .” Samsung, which has played 14 demonstration games  until the last Tuesday of March,  will begin its long journey to revive the dynasty by opening the regular season on April 1.  This is Seokwon from MBC News.  (Video coverage Kim Kyung-wan)

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