“It’s a family honor to be the third generation to wear the FC Seoul jersey.”

Lee Tae-seok (21) and Lee Seung-jun (19) of professional soccer’s FC Seoul spoke in unison when they met at GS Champions Park in Guri, Gyeonggi-do, on April 4. They are the eldest and youngest sons of Yongin Football Center general manager Lee Eun-yong (48), who was part of the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup quarterfinal team.

The brothers played side by side against Daejeon at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on Nov. 1. The elder brother, Lee Tae-seok, who was a starter last year, started, while the younger brother, Seung-jun, who turned pro this year with Seoul youth team Osango, came on as a 39th-minute substitute. It was the first time the “three brothers” wore the same jersey in a K League match, following their father Lee Eun-yong, who played for FC Seoul in the 2000s.

Lee reached out and high-fived his younger brother as he entered the field as a substitute. Lee Seung-jun, who was making his league debut, looked a little nervous. The nervousness led to an unexpected situation. When a Seoul player went down, Daejeon played the ball out of bounds, and then Seoul threw it back towards Daejeon’s goal, intentionally trying to steal the ‘manner ball’ from Lee Seung-jun.

After realizing this, Lee went to Daejeon head coach Lee Min-sung to apologize, which ended in a hilarious situation. “I misunderstood the bench’s instructions to press after the opposing defense got the ball. It was my debut and I was overwhelmed and ‘over-enthusiastic’. I apologized to the Daejeon players and fans. When I got home, my dad laughed and said, ‘Uh-oh, hillbilly,'” he said. Lee Tae-seok said, “Now I have something to make fun of. I will teach my brother well.” In the big game, Lee’s pass didn’t connect with Lee Seung-jun in front of him. When Lee Tae-seok said, “He was avoiding the ball,” Lee Seung-jun replied, “You have a narrow field of vision.”

“Tae-seok and Seung-joon are polar opposites in terms of soccer style and personality. Tae-seok, a left defender, is left-footed like me. He plays bold, straight lines, and is cautious and heavy. On the other hand, Seung-jun, a right-footed shadow striker, likes to beat defenders. He’s a bit of a daredevil,” he laughs.

“My MBTI (personality type test) is ESFP, and I’m a free spirit. You only live once, so you should do whatever you want. I look more like my brother than my dad, but as I grow up, I’m becoming more like him.” Lee Tae-seok said, “My sister also uses her left foot, but Seung-joon must have picked it up from under her leg (laughs). I’m an ISTJ planning type. I became my dad by mixing my brothers’ strengths half and half. My dad played soccer, which was tough but pretty,” he said. Lee Tae-seok and Seung-joon also have different role models, Andy Robertson (Liverpool) and Neymar (PSG), respectively.카지노사이트

His father, Lee Eul-yong, earned the nickname “Eul-yong Ta” by hitting Li Yi in the back of the head after he crossed his legs in a 2003 match against China. But the video of the “Eul-yong Ta” became a hot topic among soccer fans last month after three South Korean players were injured by China’s rough “Shaolin football” during an exhibition match between the South Korean Under-24 team and China. Lee Tae-seok, who played in the exhibition game against China, is likely to play at the Asian Games in Hangzhou in September.

“I was worried and watched the game on TV and thought, ‘Chinese soccer is still not at this level,'” Lee said. Of course, even if the opponent is rough, you shouldn’t fight back.” “If we have to face China again at the Asian Games, we will win like gentlemen because our individual skills are superior,” said Lee Tae-seok. Lee laughed, saying, “We’ll play China one day, and if they play rough, we’ll retaliate. It’s a joke, and we’ll show it with a goal.”

Lee assisted on a header by Steady Hwan against the United States in the group stage of the 2002 World Cup and scored a free kick goal in the third-place game against Turkey. Lee contributed to the 2019 U-17 World Cup quarterfinals, and Lee was a member of the U-20 World Cup final four this year. Like the Cha Bum-geun-Doo-ri duo, the Lee Eul-yong trio set a record by playing in every FIFA-organized tournament.

Cha, who captained Lee when he was Osango’s coach, said, “I was more attached to him because he had so much in common with me. His father’s shadow, his father’s discipline, and people’s eyes,” he said. Lee Tae-seok said, “I’m still playing soccer in the shadow of my great father. I want to do my best not to stain my father’s face and write a new history of ‘100 games played by three generations’ at FC Seoul.” Lee Seung-jun said, “My dad is my dad, my brother is my brother, and I am me. If I score a goal, I will do Park Jae-beom’s ‘Blue Check’ dance,” he smiled.

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