Cristiano Ronaldo not only scored his first hat-trick on the Saudi stage, but also exploded the so-called ‘port-trick’ by scoring another goal.

Al Nasr beat Al Wahda at the King Abdul Aziz Stadium in Mecca, Saudi Arabia on the 10th (Korean time) in the 16th round of the Saudi Pro League in the 2022/23 season with Ronaldo’s 4 goals leading to a 4-0 victory.

Al Nasr (11 wins, 4 draws, 1 loss) recaptured the lead with the same points as Al Shabaab (11 wins, 4 draws, 2 losses, 37 points), who played one more game, and was ahead of the goal difference. 

Al Nasr built the defense with goalkeeper Alakidi, Konang, Madou, Al Amari, and Al Ga. In the third line, Al Khaibari and Luis Gustavu, in the second line, Masaripov, Al Nahei, Garib, and Ronaldo in the front line.  메이저사이트

Ronaldo put on a one-man show. In the 21st minute of the first half, Ronaldo, who received a pass from his teammate Garib, reported the first goal with a sharp left-footed shot from the left side of the box. A VAR judgment followed and it was recognized as a goal. 

In the 33rd minute of the first half, Ronaldo, who started a sprint from the half line, penetrated and received a pass from a teammate, and shook the net again with a right-footed shot from the right side of the box. 

Al-Nasr, who finished the first half ahead, had another chance to score early in the second half. In the 3rd minute of the second half, the opposing defense made a header mistake in the box and committed a handball foul. 

After checking the situation with the on-field monitor, the referee declared a penalty kick in the 8th minute of the second half, and Ronaldo succeeded in completing the hat-trick. 

Ronaldo scored again less than 10 minutes later. In the 16th minute of the second half, he succeeded in penetrating the space behind the defense, but his first shot was blocked by the goalkeeper, but he pushed the second shot to complete the port trick. 

Al Nasr, with Ronaldo’s goal, took the lead by defeating Al Wahda. Ronaldo played full-time. 

After scoring his debut goal with a penalty kick against Al Fateh, Ronaldo completed his fifth goal that day, rising to a tie for 7th in league scoring. 

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