Reporter Jinhyeok Ban = Cristiano Ronaldo is steadily fulfilling his promise.

The British media ‘Mirror’ highlighted on the 12th that “Ronaldo is implementing the parts he promised after joining Al Nasr.” 온라인바카라

Ronaldo said on social media, “I sincerely congratulate the Al Nasr women’s team on winning the league. It is a truly fantastic achievement,” he said in a congratulatory message.

After terminating his contract with Manchester United, Ronaldo left Europe to knock on the Asian stage and promised to accompany Al Nasr.

Superstar Ronaldo’s signing of Al Nasr had a huge effect. He was able to confirm the influence such as huge crowds and social media explosions.

When Ronaldo joined Al Nasr, he made a promise and said, “I want to inspire young boys and women’s teams.”

Ronaldo actually had time to find and encourage the Al Nasr women’s team. Motivated by the message “Keep moving forward”.

Al-Nasr’s women’s team has had a bad day lately. The 2022/23 season won the Saudi Arabia Women’s League championship trophy.

Ronaldo fulfilled his promise, congratulating the Al Nasr women’s team on his social media and even serving as an ambassador.

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