The pot allocation for the 2023 AFC Qatar Asian Cup final group draw has been announced.

AFC has announced the pot allocation results for the 2023 AFC Qatar Asian Cup final group draw scheduled for kick-off in January 2024 through its website. The draw for the main draw will be held at the Katara Opera House in Doha, Qatar on May 11, and the Korean national football team led by coach Jurgen Klinsmann has been assigned to Pot 1.카지노사이트

In Pot 1, there were a large number of teams participating in the finals of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, including Korea, as well as the host countries Qatar, Japan, Iran, Australia and Saudi Arabia. Pot 2 was mainly occupied by Middle Eastern teams such as Uzbekistan, Iraq, UAE, Oman, and Jordan, and China was included here. Port 3 was occupied by Bahrain, Syria, Palestine, Kyrgyzstan and Lebanon, with Vietnam at the forefront, and Port 4 was occupied by India, Tajikistan, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Indonesia.

There is a pretty good chance of an interesting draw depending on the draw results. For example, if assigned to China located in Port 2, a Korea-China match is given, and in Port 4, two teams (Indonesia and Malaysia) led by Korean leaders such as Shin Tae-yong and Kim Pan-gon are challenging the finals.

Coach Klinsman, who recently took the lead in Korea, showed his will to win the upcoming Asian Cup in Qatar despite the short period of time given. Since Korea has not won the tournament for 63 years since the 1960 AFC Asian Cup, winning remains a kind of regret. The tournament that came closest to winning was the 2015 AFC Asian Cup of Australia, where they finished runner-up.

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