It is said that ‘putting is money’. A long hit with a driver for 300m or a putt from 1m is equal to one stroke. Weekend golfers go to the practice range when they have a field appointment and practice their shots diligently, but it is not easy to see those who practice putting, which can influence their round performance.

It is difficult to train outdoors during the winter months. If you lay down a mat at home and putt strokes, you can show off your power in a full-fledged golf season. Today is an indoor putting training method. First you need to get a good grip. If the grip loses strength, the stroke will inevitably wobble. It’s much more stable to putt with a firm grip. 메이저놀이터

The stance is shoulder-width apart. Place the ball slightly to the left of center. This is because the face becomes square at the lowest point when putting and a stable stroke is possible. The ball position may vary slightly from golfer to golfer. When the ball is dropped vertically under the left eye, the seat is the standard.

I often hear advice not to use my wrists when putting, but if my wrists are tight, I can’t make accurate contact. There is a way to practice without using your wrists. Hold the grip and put the ball between your wrist and the grip and practice.

Timing is important in putting. Make sure your hips, feet, shoulders, etc. are perpendicular to the target line. When you practice putting at home, you can check if your stroke is straight. Use an alignment stick. Just put two sticks side by side in the space where the putter head can move and make a stroke.

When putting, the psychological pressure is severe, and the stroke tempo increases without realizing it, so you miss short distance putts. The tempo of putting is directly related to good grades. You can use a tool to help with putting timing. There is a training putter with a fluttering shaft, but if the tempo is too fast or too slow, it won’t make an accurate stroke.

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