DB Acting coach Kim Joo-seong, who belatedly heard the news of the opponent’s ace’s absence, can make a breakthrough.

Wonju DB will have a 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Pro Basketball 6th round confrontation with Daegu Korea Gas Corporation at Wonju General Gymnasium on the 25th.

DB, which has three games left until the end of the regular league, can save its hopes of advancing to PO only if it wins all the remaining games.토토사이트

DB’s game plan on this day was to block Gas Corporation’s ace Lee Dae-sung. Acting coach Kim Joo-seong planned to put in Choi Seung-wook and Jung Ho-young to prevent attacks derived from Lee Dae-seong. However, Lee Dae-sung was excluded from the entry due to an Achilles tendon injury that day.

Acting manager Kim Joo-seong, who heard the news of Lee Dae-sung’s absence an hour before the start of the game, said, “I didn’t know that Lee Dae-seong would be absent. As Lee Dae-sung is KOGAS’ main scorer, I think we need to revise our plan (laughs). Rather, I think the game might be difficult.”

Acting Kim Joo-seong hurriedly began revising the plan. He said, “Maybe the original preparation will not change. He is also looking to revise the starting lineup. Originally, I tried to block other players even if I gave Lee Dae-seong 40 points… Shooters such as Jo Sang-yeol and Jeon Hyun-woo are good, and the organic teamwork unique to Gas Corporation may revive. I am worried that our players will get tired after following them.”

Can DB, who is enduring on the edge of a cliff with 4 consecutive victories, burn their will toward PO despite a sudden plan change? Attention is focused on the improvisation of Acting Kim Joo-sung.

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