The possibility has been raised that Park Jun-yong (32), who has 3 consecutive wins in the UFC, and Kaiu Bohalyu (30, Brazil), who has 4 consecutive wins, will face each other.

On the 1st (Korean time), the American mixed martial arts media ‘MMA Mania’ picked Park Jun-yong as “the fighter Bohalyu should face next.”

Bohalho wants to face Derek Brunson (39), who is ranked 8th in the UFC middleweight (-84kg) official rankings. ‘MMA Mania’ predicted, “It’s not a bad matchup, but there’s a high probability that it won’t happen.”

To the readers of ‘MMA Mania’, Bohalyu won 15 wins in 17 mixed martial arts matches (1 loss, 1 null), including 1 amateur win, and Park Jun-yong was recently introduced with 6 wins (1 loss) in 7 UFC matches.

Park Jun-yong has 6 wins and 2 losses since 2019 in the UFC, which he advanced to as a Real Fight (Russia) champion in 2018. The mixed martial arts ranking system ‘Fight Matrix’ evaluates it at 171 points, which corresponds to the 26th place in the UFC middleweight division.먹튀검증

Bohalho’s rapid rise is impressive, including ▲ 2020 Future (Brazil) Middleweight Champion ▲ 2 wins in the Contender Series in 2021 ▲ 4 consecutive wins in the UFC debut from 2022. The ‘Contender Series’ is a competition to discover prospects directly hosted by UFC President Dana White (54, USA).

Park Joon-yong and I have one thing in common: that we are currently at a career high based on ‘Fight Matrix’. Bohalho is ranked 20th in the UFC middleweight division with 243 points. If the two of them play, Bohalyu will have a power advantage over Park Jun-yong.

‘MMA maniac’ said, “Park Jun-yong is a player who worked well with his own efforts after entering the UFC,” and praised him for leaping to the top 30 middleweight class without any consideration from the event company.

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