Cho Seong-wook’s professional debut goal was all the more valuable because it was a goal he made after overcoming trauma.

Seongnam FC won 2-1 against Ansan Greeners in the first round of ‘Hanawon Q K League 2 2023’ held at Tancheon Sports Complex at 4:00 pm on the 1st.

In the first half, Seongnam dominated. From the beginning of the first half, Seongnam shook Ansan with intense pressure and fast-paced attacks and took the lead in the game. Jo Seong-wook took the lead in the 11th minute of the first half. However, in the first half of the extra time, Kang Kang-bin’s foul allowed a penalty kick, and Gabriel conceded the equalizer.

The second half was different from the first half. Unlike the first half, Seongnam played a tough game in the second half. There were several crises, but I managed to overcome them with concentration. The efforts of Seongnam, which continued to knock, bore fruit only in the extra time of the second half. Park Sang-hyeok’s corner kick was turned into a header by Shin Jae-won, leading to a goal. The match ended with Seongnam winning 2-1.

After the game, I met Jo Seong-wook, the protagonist of the opening goal, in the mixed zone. Cho Seong-wook said, “It must have been difficult for everyone because it was the first game, but everyone did not give up and played hard. It feels really good to win. Today’s game was the most difficult game I’ve played so far. I tried my best, and it seems that all the players did.

“I wasn’t nervous before the game, but I didn’t really feel it. While preparing for the opening game, I had a strong desire to win, so I dreamed of myself playing the game. That’s how I wanted to play the game quickly, and I think I was a little excited. I thought a lot about wanting to play because my body came up during the practice game and I felt that it was not hard,” he said, telling how much he was looking forward to this game.

The hardship that Cho Sung-wook mentioned earlier was not physical or physical hardship. Despite scoring the opening goal, it was a big reason that I was nervous because I allowed an equalizer at the end of the first half. Cho Seong-wook explained, “Even though I scored the first goal, I conceded an equalizer before the first half was over. Since there was no additional goal in the first half, it was mentally difficult because I thought that we shouldn’t draw. I think there was such a psychological burden while playing the game.” 메이저놀이터

The opening goal scored on this day was also Cho Seong-wook’s professional debut goal. Cho Seong-wook revealed that he had been told before the game that his teammates and coaching staff were likely to score in the opening game.

Cho Seong-wook said, “Today, coach Kim Tae-soo and my teammates said to me, ‘I think I’ll score a goal.’ I didn’t realize it. Still, I think I tried to restrain my joy as much as possible because I thought I shouldn’t get excited.”

It was a slightly different story from coach Lee Ki-hyung, who said that he was not a player who scored a lot in set-piece situations during winter training. When he brought up this story, Cho Seong-wook confided about the trauma he had from before.

He is Cho Seong-wook, who had a trauma about Heather despite being a defender. Cho Seong-wook said, “Actually, I couldn’t tell the coach, but I had a trauma about heading. When I jumped to head and then fell, I hurt my back or other places. I was really scolded by the coach. Even before the game, the coach joked and said, ‘If you pass (the ball back), you will die.’ Even if one was broken, I competed with the thought of running first,” he confessed that he had a trauma about the header.

If so, did Cho Seong-wook completely overcome his trauma through this match? It wasn’t perfect, but it seemed like he overcame a lot. Cho Seong-wook said, “I can’t say 100%, but I think I overcame about 80%. I was cautious about talking to the coach because it seemed like an excuse. So I went into the game with the thought of trying it once.”

Cho Seong-wook, who overcame trauma and scored the opening goal and even his professional debut goal. Cho Seong-wook’s opening goal did not fade because Shin Jae-won’s theater goal. I asked how he felt when Shin Jae-won’s theatrical goal came out, and if he was happy that his first goal was not buried.

Cho Seong-wook smiled as if he recalled that time and said, “The situation itself was so good rather than thinking about my goal. It was a good situation,” he said.

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