Tottenham Hotspur coach Antonio Conte said goodbye after putting down the baton.

Tottenham announced their separation on the 27th (hereinafter Korean time), saying, “Coach Conte left the team by mutual agreement.”

Conte took over the Tottenham helm in November 2021. The club hoped that he, as the winning contract, would cut off the terrible unrelated link. Conte, who took over during the season, showed leadership. He led a dramatic rebound and climbed to 4th place in the league. 토토사이트

Support followed as much as the European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League (UCL). Including Hisharlisson, Ivan Perisic and Yves Bisuma joined. In the winter transfer market, he even embraced Pedro as a prisoner.

Tottenham’s season was below expectations. Even in the early stages, there were ups and downs in performance, but they steadily earned points. However, after suffering several defeats, it was greatly staggered. Frustration was repeated in the monotonous pattern. The dream of escaping from military service also came to nothing. Following the League Cup and FA Cup, they also failed to advance to the quarterfinals in the UCL.

While the team was shaking, manager Conte did not hesitate to make a sudden statement. After being knocked out in the UCL round of 16, he said, “Maybe the club might let me go earlier,” hinting at his hardship.

Afterwards, as the hard rumor grew, he said, “It was a joke,” and “I don’t think the club will harden me now.” He expressed his confidence, saying, “The club sees what I and the coaching staff are doing every day.” Even so, he added, “You never know what will happen tomorrow.”

Conte’s attitude changed after another day. He vented his anger after a draw against bottom-placed Southampton. He criticized, “I saw selfish players and I don’t want to play under pressure.”

At the same time, he said, “Is it only the fault of the club or the directors who have been here?” “Everyone should be responsible. It’s not just for coaches and staff.” In the end, Tottenham and manager Conte put an end to their 1 year and 5 month partnership.

On the 28th, coach Conte left a farewell message on his social network service (SNS), saying, “Soccer is passion.” He said, “As a football leader, I highly appreciate my passion and fierce method, and I express my deep gratitude to the club members who have been with me.”

He also expressed his gratitude, saying, “I have a special heart for the fans who have always supported and cheered me on,” and “I can’t forget the moment when they chanted my name.”

Director Conte said, “Our journey together has come to an end,” and said, “I hope that the future will be full of good things.”

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