The 17th National Disabled Students Sports Festival opened in Ulsan on the 16th.

The opening ceremony was held at Dongcheon Gymnasium at 3:30 pm on the same day under the theme of ‘Dreaming whales, to the sea of ​​hope!’

In the pre-ceremony performance, a choir, orchestra, and cheering squad presented a stage to welcome students from all over the country.

The official event was followed by the entrance of the athletes, opening remarks by Jin-Wan Jeong of the Korea Paralympic Sports Association, Ulsan Superintendent Chang-Soo Cheon of the opening ceremony, and the raising of the competition flag.

There were also performances and attractions, such as a celebratory stage in which students and cultural artists from Ulsan participated, a laser show, and a 7m-long whale sculpture flight.

Congratulatory performances were also held by trot singer Park Goon, a public relations ambassador for Ulsan City, and Kim Tae-yeon, a trot prodigy.카지노사이트

About 3,000 people attended the opening ceremony, including athletes, spectators, and officials from the event.

In the competition held until the 19th, 1,639 elementary, middle, and high school athletes representing 17 provinces and cities participated in training events (5 events), popularization events (10 events), demonstration events (1 event), and exhibition events (1 event). Participated in a total of 17 events.

During the event, about 3,480 people, including executives and officials, visit Ulsan.

Five events, including goalball, boccia, swimming, track and field, and table tennis, which are official events of the Paralympic Games and Asian Para Games, will be run as elite competitions.

Dissemination events are carried out in the form of sports competitions for everyday life, with emphasis on expanding the base of sports activities.

On the first day of the competition, 62 dreamers won gold medals in five events, including boccia, swimming, weightlifting, track and field, and e-sports.

In the weightlifting event, a total of seven people, including Noh Ji-hoon (Gyeongbuk), won three gold medals and two people won two gold medals.

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