Japanese baseball superstar Ohtani Shohei (LA Angels) left a very meaningful remark. He said, “If Japan wins, Korea and Taiwan will have more confidence in him.”

This is a mind that goes beyond personal satisfaction or Japan’s glory and thinks of Asian baseball as well. This is the part where you can feel that you truly love baseball.

According to the Japanese media’Sponicianex’ reported on the 20th, Ohtani pledged to win the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC).바카라사이트

Japan is the only Asian country to pass the group stage. It can be a bit disappointing to know that only one team will make it to the quarterfinals on a continent where there are three professional leagues (Japan, Korea, and Taiwan). Ohtani also wanted Asian baseball to become more competitive on the world stage.

Ohtani expressed a small wish, saying, “Japanese fans, as well as Taiwan and Korea, we unfortunately lost in the preliminaries this time. If we win and win, we will be able to win next time. I wonder if they will feel that way.”

Ohtani emphasized, “Not only Korea and Taiwan, but also China and Japan. I think there is still a possibility. It has the potential to grow. To that end, winning is the most important thing.”

Japan will compete with Mexico at 8 am on the 21st for the final ticket.

With major leaguers such as Ohtani and Yu Darvish at the forefront, Japan is determined to revive the glory of the days of Ichiro.

Ohtani said, “Certainly, the WBC is improving. With each round, it is getting closer to a prestigious tournament. It is still in progress. This means that we can make it a better tournament with our own strength. Any country can feel this reward. He hoped that the WBC would develop into a more global competition.

“From now on, I think all I have to do is win. If I win, wouldn’t the Japanese fans be happy? That’s all. There are two games left, but I’m not particularly nervous. The team atmosphere is good. Everyone is enjoying Miami itself. Coming naturally. It’s the same,” he said, preparing for the upcoming showdown.

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