Professional basketball, which has completed its long run with KGC Ginseng Corporation’s victory, enters the ‘A-Con League’ without a break.

The big fish class that will change the entire game, including MVP Oh Se-geun of the championship game, are pouring out.

Reporter Heo Jae-won reports.

A large number of professional basketball stars who heated up the court with brilliant performances last season poured into the free agent market.

The greatest attention is focused on the move of Oh Se-geun, the MVP of the championship, who led KGC Ginseng Corporation’s combined victory.

Although he is 36 years old, he showed off his 바카라사이트overwhelming skills without injury throughout the season.

KGC Ginseng Corporation was released as a FA, even the best defender in the league, Moon Seong-gon, who won the best defense award for 4 consecutive years, and an emergency was caught in an internal crackdown.

[Moon Seong-gon / KGC Ginseng Corporation Forward: I think it’s the moment you dreamed of the most as a player. I thought that a comfortable place would be suitable, but I am still open.]

Choi Jun-yong, the best player in the regular league last season, is also of great interest.

At 2m tall, he is the most versatile resource in terms of performance, from ball handling to accurate shooting.

In addition, there will be great players who will change the entire league game, such as national team forward Yang Hong-seok and Lee Dae-seong, who is the number one player in Korea this season.

[Yang Hong-seok / Suwon KT Forward: Even if you lift the same barbell, you want to do it in a new environment, even if you throw the same shot, you want to do it in a new environment, and you want to do it in a stable place… .]

Players who have obtained FA status can freely negotiate with 10 clubs until the 22nd.

Afterwards, each club can submit a letter of intent for recruiting players who have not signed a contract, and players who have submitted letters of intent from multiple clubs can choose a club regardless of the amount.

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