A second chance, a second suspension. National Basketball Association (NBA) Memphis Grizzlies star Pau Gasol, 23, has been suspended for 24 games after getting into trouble with the league again.

“He has been suspended without pay for 25 games for conduct detrimental to the league,” the NBA announced on Sunday (ET). The suspension will take effect from the first game of the 2023-2024 season. Morant, who has already been suspended by the Memphis organization, will be banned from all team events and public appearances, including preseason games, until the suspension is lifted.

Morant appeared to pull out a handgun while rapping in a car during a social media live stream with an acquaintance on March 14. The friend in the driver’s seat quickly lowered the screen and holstered the gun, but the water had already been spilled. The incident was taken more seriously as he had previously been caught drunk and waving a handgun in front of live cameras on social media in March. At the time, Morant was suspended for eight games.

“The fact that Morant again brandished a firearm in front of social media after his March suspension is embarrassing and concerning, and we are particularly worried that other young people may be tempted to emulate his behavior,” said Adam Silver, commissioner of the National Football League. I want to make it clear that reckless and irresponsible behavior with a firearm will not be tolerated.”

Morant’s suspension is the second-longest of Silver’s tenure (2014-). In April, former Charlotte Hornets forward Miles Bridges was suspended 30 games for a domestic violence incident. The National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) said, “(Morant’s punishment) is excessive and inappropriate. It is neither fair nor consistent with the league’s past discipline,” the NBPA said in a statement of criticism.

However, the Mavs said they “respect the league’s decision,” and Morant himself released a statement shortly after the decision, saying, “I have taken time to reflect and realize how much pain I have caused. I want to apologize to NVEA, the Memphis team, my teammates, and the people of Memphis,” he said, adding, “I will use the off-season and my suspension to work on my mental health and judgment.”스포츠토토

The damage Morant has done to himself and the team is enormous. He was set to earn a $33.5 million salary for the upcoming season, but at $300,000 per game during his suspension, he will lose approximately $7.5 million. He will also be unable to win Most Valuable Player (MVP) or All-NBA team honors because he can only play a maximum of 57 of the 82 regular season games. Under the terms of the collective bargaining agreement, which takes effect next month, players must play at least 65 games to be eligible for the awards.

Last season, Memphis went 11-10 without him and 40-21 with him. Morant earned his second All-Star selection last season, averaging 26.5 points, 5.9 rebounds and 8.1 assists in the regular season and 24.6 points, 6.8 rebounds and seven assists in the postseason, but the Mavs lost to the Los Angeles Lakers in the second round of the Western Conference playoffs in four games.

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