2PM Nichkhun and professional golfer Kim Ha-neul became ambassadors of the golf brand Jexio.

According to Xexio on the 19th, Nichkhun and Kim Ha-neul will be selected as ambassadors, and their pictorial and video will be released on social media, membership magazines and golf magazines in May.

Nichkhun recently appeared on a golf variety show and showed off his extraordinary skills with the Jexio Club. Nichkhun said, “Practice is a very important sport in golf, but with the Xexio X model, I experienced that even if I practiced only 70% of the time, more efficient results came out, and I felt the importance of equipment again.”스포츠토토

Pro Spotainer Kim Ha-neul said, “I tend to prefer comfortable clubs over difficult clubs, but I think I’m benefiting from Xexio even though I’ve recently practiced less than before.” It seems to be the biggest change since then.”

An official from Xexio said, “Nichkhun, who boasts outstanding golf skills, and Kim Ha-neul, who has 14 wins in Korea and Japan, were judged to be icons who can well represent Xexio to the core user base of the brand, ‘playing golfers’, and were selected as the brand’s official brand ambassadors.” revealed

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