“I’m very busy, but as long as I can play basketball, everything is fine.”

On March 3, Yangsan’s representative sports club, Big Ix Rev, participated in the KBA 3×3 Korea Tour 2023 Yangsan, held at the Yangsan Inline Skating Rink in Yangsan, Gyeongnam.

Many traditional masters representing Gyeongsangnam-do participated in the tournament in Yangsan. Among them, Big IX Rev represented Yangsan and challenged the league division.

Composed of pure non-athletes such as Lee Hyun-joo, Hwang Min-soo, Kim Dong-young, and Han Jun-ho, the team suffered two losses to Black Label Sports and Motion Sports in the qualifiers and were eliminated early. The team did well against the two teams with professional players centered around Lee Hyun-ju, but the weight class difference became apparent as time went on.

Playing in a different environment and atmosphere, the BIG IX Rev players said they were “surprised by the high level of competition.” Hwang Min-soo said, “This is my first time playing in the League Division, and it’s definitely different from the Open Division. I felt that I was lacking in many aspects, from shooting accuracy to physical strength, and I realized that I needed to prepare harder,” said Hwang Min-soo about his debut in the League Division.

Kim Dong-young also said, “In the beginning, the game was pretty evenly matched, but in the end, the difference in skill was revealed towards the end. “I’ve played against many teams as a club basketball player, but I felt that the players in the League Division were on another level, and at the same time, I realized that I needed to prepare more,” he said.

Yangsan has been hosting the Korea Tour for four consecutive years since 2020. Thanks to this, Yangsan, which was close to being a basketball barren area, has been able to shed its image as a basketball barren area and ignite basketball enthusiasm in the region.

“There are just as many basketball enthusiasts in Yangsan as in Busan,” said Kim Dong-young, “and in recent years, the Korea Tour has revitalized basketball enthusiasm in the region.” “It’s not an excuse, but it’s a shame that we couldn’t win at least one game with the home court energy. Next year and the year after next, we will try to improve our skills and win a game so that we can further promote Yangshan.”스포츠토토

Although their first League Division challenge ended in failure, Nanda Gindaha gained valuable experience playing against the 3×3 powerhouses. Finally, the team expressed their gratitude to Baek Sang-raek, the head of the Yangshan Basketball Association, who worked tirelessly to help them qualify for the tournament.

“Since I was young, Mr. Baek has always treated me like a brother and helped me play basketball in a good environment. We started the league division with this tournament, but we will not let the feeling of defeat get to us, and we will work harder in the future to get a win.”

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