Tottenham are reportedly furious with Bayern Munich’s negotiation style.

Peter O’Rourke, a reporter for Football Insider, reported on the 11th (KST), “Tottenham are furious with Hearn’s attempts to sign Kane, according to sources. Tottenham are reportedly unhappy with the way Munich are trying to sign Kane.”

Tottenham are apparently unhappy with Munich, who continue to approach them with the sole purpose of trying to sway Kane. Tottenham’s stance that they will never sell Kane has never changed. It would take an offer of at least £100 million to sway Spurs.

There have even been reports that Tottenham are willing to pay as much as £120 million for Kane. “Munich still want Kane, but they will not meet the £120m valuation set by Tottenham,” the UK’s Daily Mail quoted Sami Mokbel as saying. Tottenham currently value Kane at £120 million.”

While reports continue to circulate about how much Tottenham want for Kane, Munich’s offer is nowhere near what Spurs are looking for. Munich’s initial offer, which arrived at Tottenham last month, was £60 million with a bonus clause. It’s unclear how much they were willing to add in the way of bonuses, but the base transfer fee was nowhere near enough to satisfy Spurs.

Unsurprisingly, Tottenham refused. Munich responded to Tottenham’s hardline stance by bringing in club president Karl-Heinz Rummenigge to show that they were serious about the deal. Rummenigge is a legendary figure at the club and is credited with laying the foundation of the current Munich organization.

The fact that Rummenigge, one of the most influential members of the Munich hierarchy in the transfer market, was directly involved in the negotiations with Tottenham is a clear indication that the club wants Kane. Thomas Tuchel is also said to want Kane badly.

Despite the move, Munich’s second offer was not a significant improvement. They offered €80 million with a bonus clause. That’s not much more than the first offer.

It was easy to predict what Tottenham would do. “According to sources close to Tottenham, the €80 million basic transfer fee and bonus clause are very unrealistic and unlikely to be accepted by Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy,” said Fabrizio Romano, a journalist who works for Britain’s The Guardian and is known as a European transfer market expert, on his personal YouTube channel on Tuesday.

“Negotiations are likely to be very tough. We’ll have to wait and see where Tottenham stand, but it’s very difficult to see anything happening with this offer. There is no green light at the moment.” He went on to say that he was furious at the way the negotiations were going, with Munich’s offer seemingly going for Spurs’ liver.

Despite Munich’s offer, Tottenham are still trying to keep Kane. Even when Kane was on pre-season vacation, Tottenham reportedly put in an offer to re-sign him, which was unsuccessful.

Despite Kane’s stubborn stance, Tottenham continue to keep offers on the table. If Kane decides to stay after a meeting with new manager Enze Postecoglou, they’ll be ready to sign a new deal.

The offer that Tottenham are preparing is quite extraordinary. The Telegraph reported on Tuesday that “Kane could earn £400,000 a week if he stays at Spurs. Kane is preparing to meet Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino for the first time.”바카라사이트

The £400,000 deal is the highest in Tottenham’s history. Kane is already the highest paid player on the team, earning £200,000 a week, which would double his wages. Currently, only Manchester City’s Kevin De Bruyne earns more than £400,000 in the English Premier League (EPL). That makes him the best paid player in the EPL.

Tottenham’s anger and efforts aside, the mood of the transfer speculation is increasingly in favor of Munich’s plan. Germany’s Sport1 reported on Nov. 11 that “Kane has signaled to Tottenham chairman Levy and others that he is ready to leave as a free agent next year if they don’t sell him this summer. Re-signing with Spurs is no longer an option for Kane. This will give Munich an advantage in the negotiations.”

“Munich want Kane, but we think the €80 million plus bonus clause is very fair. With Kane being the favorite target in the No.9 position, it is very likely that the Bavarians will make at least one more attempt,” he said, adding that he believes there will be a third offer from Munich.

However, he added: “However, Munich will not do anything crazy. They will not pay a transfer fee of well over €100 million for a player with one year left on his contract,” he added.

Munich has always been known for not overpaying. The Bavarians are even considering waiting until the end of the 2023-24 season to sign Kane as a free agent if Tottenham continues to reject offers. Time is on Munich’s side, not Tottenham’s.

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