Ulsan Hyundai is heading to the coastal waters of Incheon.

Ulsan will play an away match against Incheon United and Hana One Q K League 1 2023 Round 9 at the Incheon Soccer Stadium at 7:30 pm on the 25th.

Currently, Ulsan is in the lead with 6 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss with 19 points. He scored 16 goals in 8 games, equipped with the strongest firepower with 2 goals per game, and conceded the fewest goals with 8 goals, showing off the dignity of the defending champion.

Ulsan, who had been racing for 6 consecutive victories after the opening, suffered their first loss of the season on the 16th at Daejeon Hana Citizen (1-2), but on the 22nd Pohang Steelers and the 175th East Coast Derby home game showed a fearsome back-and-forth and drew a dramatic 2-2. achieved 

On this day, Ulsan allowed Pohang to score consecutive goals in the 13th minute and 9th minute in the second half, but Ju Min-gyu’s comeback goal in the 15th minute and Bako’s golden goal in the 44th minute saved the tiger’s den. In the home room, they secured a valuable victory point and kept the lead. 

After the match against Pohang, coach Hong Myung-bo praised, “I didn’t know the players would do this well at the beginning of the season. They are showing good enough,” and added, “I caught up with two goals against Pohang, which is difficult and tricky, and I want to give it a high score. I gave up points due to lack of concentration, but I can improve enough in the future.”

In any case, while not giving up their home to rivals, after the appointment of manager Hong Myung-bo, Ulsan proved that ‘there is no losing streak’ for three seasons. 

There was also a harvest. Ju Min-gyu, a proven goal-getter, tasted a goal in 20 days against Pohang after visiting Jeju United on the 2nd. With his fourth goal in the league, he ignited a competition for the top scorer with his teammates Rubikson (5 goals), Na Sang-ho (FC Seoul, 5 goals), and Asani (Gwangju FC, 4 goals).
Georgia exp. Bakko scored his first goal of the season in seven games. Bako, who showed poor physical condition at the beginning of the season, showed a light appearance in the Daejeon expedition, but failed to shake the net. In the game against Pohang, he gained momentum and gave Ulsan a valuable victory point with a horse-bearing gun at the end of the game. 

Bakko said, “The performance in the second half against Pohang was good. We became one with our teammates and overcame a two-goal gap. We have many times when we are in a losing situation and we have the power to catch up. A good team and a good player. There are many. I will do my best without giving up on any game until the end.”먹튀검증

Ulsan is strong against Incheon. After winning 3-0 away on 14 April 2019, they are on a 12-match unbeaten run (7 wins, 5 draws). Even in the past record, 27 wins, 17 draws and 13 losses in 57 matches are superior. However, carelessness is prohibited. Last season, after drawing 3 times in a row in 4 matches, I have experienced quite a hard time winning 1 at the end. This is the goal coach Hong Myung-bo always emphasized: ‘We will bring joy and victory to the fans with our own soccer, no matter who the opponent is.’ The team has finished preparing to devour the coastal waters of Incheon.

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